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Monday, November 8, 2010

Is Brandon Roy's body giving out?

Ron Artest thinks the Blazer star is quietly playing injured. Readers at Dwight's site agree. It would be a shame if the years of carrying the team on his back are already coming back to haunt him.

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I recently saw an older movie about the use and abuse of thoroughbred horses in racing called Casey's Shadow. It reminded me about how we manage pro athletes now.

Goes to show you that passing the ball is a lot less damaging to your body then dribbling.

Can we please have a new offense?

Adam Morrison's back is probably fine.

I said in an earlier post that he doesn't look right - I also wonder if there are other issues - including non-basketball items - wearing on him. This was apparent during the Oklahoma game, though he looked better during the Toronto game - though Toronto makes nearly any team and members look better!

Lower extremity injuries (e.g., knees) cause acute, cumulative and chronic stresses to the vertebrae and back structures. Roy may be acting according to his own coaches adjustments to his 2010-11 game. Other players need to perform to their utmost and not stand around as spectators to Roy's star abilities. Aldridge seems to be doing well in that regard so far this year. The Blazers' biggest problem continues to be within the front office.

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