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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hughes is holding on

New returns from Multnomah County, plugged into our amateur spreadsheet, now lead to the conclusion that Tom Hughes will hold on to beat Bob Stacey for Metro president. Hughes is now ahead by 973, and we've got him with a final margin of about 1,200. Let's hope so.

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Where did you find info that there are 13,000 votes left to count in Washington County? That's a big difference-maker. Thanks.

According to the Secretary of State's office, 188,093 ballots were cast in Washington County. Only 175,040 have been counted and posted.

Where are you seeing the 188k number? I don't see it on that link. I'm personally rooting for Stacey! ;)

It's not on that link, but the SOS circulated that number by e-mail earlier today. I've posted it here; the counted figures are as of 5:30 p.m. today.

What's pretty crazy is that there are only 900 odd registered voters in Wheeler county!

[When considering Wheeler with 900 odd registered voters, boy, a Rajneeshi style election strategy (minus the salmonella) could really have some impact.]

Rajneeshi style election strategy...

That was the 1980's. I can't imagine Homeland Security allowing such an organization to operate today as they did then.

I can't imagine Homeland Security allowing such an organization to operate today as they did then.



(Please note that I do not wish to imply, nor do I believe, that this organisation operates in any manner similar to the Rashneeshes, except insofar as that they have the means to presumably sway local elections in a rural area due to relatively high concentrations of their employees/devotees relative to non-affiliated individuals.)

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