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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Howlin' hounds

The players in our charity pro football underdog game have chosen their teams for the week, and here they are:

9 ARIZONA at Minnesota - Michael K., Larry Legend, AKevin, Mike G., Bob, Matt, PJB, Eric, pdxmick, Andy, genop's gal
8 DALLAS at Green Bay - Drewbob, Annie
7.5 TAMPA BAY at Atlanta - Flowers by Dorcas, Flowers by Dorcas Husband, Bad Brad, Sattelihu, Anthony, Doug, Paul, Gordon, Jim, Ricardo, Gary
6.5 CAROLINA vs. New Orleans - Broadway Joe
6.5 SEATTLE vs. New York Giants - Hank, Conrad, genop
3.5 DETROIT vs. New York Jets - Nick
3 BUFFALO vs. Chicago - john dull
3 INDIANAPOLIS at Philadelphia - Biggest Cubs Loser

Now they can all root for their own 'dog, and the favorites in everyone else's games. Good luck and enjoy the big daddies on the tube, folks.

Comments (9)

Have the cats been laid off?

24 people (3/4ths of the entrants) are picking the three BIGGEST longsots.Hmmmm, is it that time already to start reaching like that???

No one chose Cleveland, with Colt McCoy, over the Pats; yet the Browns lead 10-0 after less than four (4) minutes, Tom tosses two incompletes, and the home team has the ball again. It may be a long afternoon in eastern OH for the visiting squad.

Broadway Joe, the great loss today is not yours:

Panthers Lose RB Jonathan Stewart to Head Injury
Published: November 7, 2010
Filed at 2:13 p.m. EST

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Carolina Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart has been carted to the locker room with a head injury after a hard hit by New Orleans safety Darren Sharper.

Sharper drilled Stewart in the head with his shoulder at the end of a 5-yard gain in the first quarter, causing Stewart to fumble. Stewart was on the ground for several minutes before walking off the field with the assistance of two members of Carolina's medical staff.

The Saints then won a replay challenge, giving them the ball on the fumble.

Stewart had rushed for 30 yards on five carries, matching his total from last week.

Stewart started for DeAngelo Williams, who missed his second straight game with a sprained left foot. That left Mike Goodson and Tyrell Sutton at running back.

The kitties are on hiatus.

Smells like we may take an oh-fer. Seriously. Dallas may not win again in our lifetimes.

Detroit and Arizona were sooooo close. But bad teams do that.

End the contest now since everyone lost and whoever is in first place should be delcared the winner

Just to let you know, nobody in Dallas is putting up signs asking Nolan Ryan to buy up the Cowboys any more. However, the moment someone starts a "Punch Jerry Jones In The Throat" booth at Cowboys Stadium, it'll pull in millions.

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