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Monday, November 29, 2010

Good news for downtown Portland

Less parking! Who says terror isn't green?

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If one story can sum up post-9/11 America, it's this. Why on Earth do we keep trying to defend ourselves against the last threat? And this one wasn't even a threat!

This needs to get shut down, but how?

If there's one thing terrorists and FBI agents respect, it's parking rules.

If one sentence can encapsulate the idiocy that is our mayor, that is it. Lil' Mayor Creepy will be able to pull all kinds of bioswales and bike lanes (bomb safety zones!) out of this nonstory, I'd imagine.

In times like these, it would be nice to have a real local government, and not just a government for the developer pimps.

Adams said that citizens should feel a level of confidence that Mohamed Osman Mohamud was acting alone and the city is not a specific terror target.

If some idiot parks what he thought was a van full of explosives where he wants to hurt people and property, and tries...twice...to detonate said explosives..was that not a "specific" terror target?

Sam, you are a moron.

Portlanders condemn bomb plot, criticize FBI probe

And now Scam Adams has his own Reichstag Fire. Wonderful.

"Why on Earth do we keep trying to defend ourselves against the last threat"

Because out got overloards are not very smart. We've alays been fighting the last war in this thing. Shoe bomer = Shoe scans, underwear boms = full body scans.

Perhaps if the spent a little time aniticipating (like some sort of commonality in the bomb material and make a detector for that) instead of reacting, we'd actual look like we know what we are doing.

God forbid someone comes up with a suppository bomb because you know they'd jerk us around like a dog on a short leash.

Half the entertainment in the hills of Afghanistan must be thinking of new ways to slip these bombs in to see how Napolitano (don't get me started on her) will react.

"Adams said that citizens should feel a level of confidence"

Code for if I, Sam, say it, you have to believe me - BWA HA HA.

Your suddenly savvy mayor ought to ring the mayors of New York and Washington DC to advise them of the danger of unmarked trucks or vans at the Rockefeller Center (11/30) and National Christmas Tree lightings (12/9). Now that he is enlightened I'm sure he can offer all manner of insight.

Mr. Mohamud should have known something was up when he was able to park that van so close to Pioneer Square on the evening of an event. Anyone else's van would have been towed away before the engine was even cool.

But three "high capacity" MAX lines line the perimeter of the Square.

Apparently, the City of Portland hasn't consulted with the IDF regarding Israel's public transit security issues of the 1990s...and my wife's very first words out of her mouth was "so there's less parking...won't stop someone with a suicide vest."

Maybe the businesses downtown will realize how much this is not in their best interests... I alreay loath parking hassles downtown and shop there a lot less than I once did... oh and of course there is no weekend Tri-Met service anymore from my part of town.

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