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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Goldschmidt prepares to start record sixth term as governor

He dusts off some old puppets and puts them back on the stage.

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I feel sorry for you guys in Oregon; however, you didn't really have the best of choices. On the other hand, Oregonians have had terrible leadership for a very long time.

Portland - you people certainly deserve what you get.

Up here in Washington state, the same can be said about our poor leadership.

Yea..more of the same.

Meet the new boss / same as the old boss...

Are there any states where this isn't the case?

Any states with good leadership?

Can the interns attend the Inaugural Ball?

How about Chris Christie?

Nothing needs to be shoved under the rug anymore, they rule and we don't count.

I was hoping Kitzhaber was running because he learned something about the machine and wanted to do things differently. Wishful thinking I guess.


Yes, New Jersey

If these clowns screw up as bad as the last time, maybe we can do a recall like Greyout Davis in Calif.


"I was hoping Kitzhaber was running because he learned something about the machine and wanted to do things differently."

Bill is the comedian around here. :)

The Sunday NY Times ran, among its nationwide political cartoons, one that made me laugh out loud.

It showed a sad Meg Whitman sitting before a computer monitor in a room filled with bags of money. On the screen is the image of a chair and the words: "eBay" and "Governor's Chair." The caption was something like, "How can I be the highest bidder and not win?"

Andrew , we're not looking for a saint, just someone to clean up this mess.

I have hope for Dwight Holton. It is disheartening, though, when agencies are prevented from dealing with machine players and other good olds as their actions warrant.

Teresa Schmidt disappeared as OSB director right after she tried to discipline high rollers. What has happened over there during the Goldschmidt reign is shocking, especially the reprisals against whistle blowers and the way claims are stolen from injured workers. I recently offered to transcribe a hearing for someone whose case (and life) were almost ruined by PLF manipulators. There is nothing on the CD from the courthouse. Someone, someone, has to take this stuff seriously and investigate. Mr. Holton? Mr. Kroger?

I think some of you would actually be happier if he sucks at governing than if things went just peachy. Same guys that comment at OregonLive pissed off at the Intel news?

If things went just peachy, there would be relief. Relief that we could be relieved of the awful mess that has been created.

Speaking for myself, I would not be happier if things stayed the same or got worse. I am just so weary of the insider game where the rest of the people can go fly a kite attitude.

If these clowns screw up as bad as the last time, maybe we can do a recall like Greyout Davis in Calif.

Better yet, a ballot initiative to amend the state constitution to change the term limits on governors from 8 out of a 12 year period to 8 years--period. Accomplishes the same thing but with the added bonus of preventing Sleepy Ted from "pulling a Kitz" in 2014.

Andrew, Christie's reimbursement of over $500 for his round trip from the London airport to his central London hotel seems high, but it's what they charge. The congestion fee charged to each vehicle coming into London approaches $29 roundtrip alone. Plus the traffic is usually stop and go or no-go which racks up the charges. With gas at over $10 a gallon, the charges seem real. Did Christie jack up the charges on his expense report? It's hard to alter a receipt.

Andrew, did you ever investigate Goldschmidt's expense reports when he was US Transportation Secretary?

I certainly didn't find Dudley to be too compelling of a choice, but the fact that one county cast 70% of its ballots for either of the two shows how very f***ed we are. THAT is asinine.

Larry -- Multiple counties cast 70% of their ballots for one of the two gubernatorial candidates. It just so happens that the county where most of the people live did that for the Kitz, and the counties where very few people live did that for the Dude.

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