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Saturday, November 20, 2010

For your reference library

The next time one of our state or local officials puts his or her live-in hottie on the public pad, and you want to know "Is that legal?" -- you may want to consult this document, the latest version of the Oregon public officials' ethics guide.

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gads.. you volunteer at the zoo and, being the zoo is managed by Metro, you are a 'public official'. At least thats how I read it.
Widespread dissemination and discussion of this document will put a big chill on volunteerism.

Since Kitzhaber appointed his main squeeze to help out with his transition team, it sounds perfectly clean according to your cited document. The document lists straightforward relationships like parents, spouses....
It says nothing about gray area relations like lovers beyond a spouse or in addition to one. It sure would make for better reading under the examples that it lists like giving mom and dad a break on their water bill.
It would have been more fun to read about hotel and room service charges that are not allowed.

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