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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Don't worry -- Mother Nature will handle this

Those who believe that "sustainable growth" is a contradiction in terms may never win the argument with some people, but if they're right, they can rest assured that people's routines are going to change.

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As usual he forgets to tell us that 97% of annual CO2 emissions are from natural, not man made sources.

He also forgets to tell us that the warming oceans (as we recovered from the little ice age) out gases CO2.

He didn't mention that in the ice cores (made famous in Al Gores' sci-fi flick), CO2 increases in response to warming about 800 years later. (Yes Al Gore lied!)

And he forgets to tell us that global warming stopped about 10 years ago.

See: http://www.sustainableoregon.com/

Finally, people have been screaming that we are running out of resources for over 100 years - never happened.


Thanks, I was able to set my watch.

A kind of coincidental convergence here -- I just finished reading the following Ruppertarianism (CollapseNet.com) when I browsered by to see what bojack is up to.

GOD ON THE TABLE - Attempting A Useful Discussion of Mankind’s Spiritual Future, by Michael C. Ruppert, © Copyright 2010, CollapseNet, Inc. - Please Distribute Widely

November 1, 2010 – Arguably, the cause of the collapse of human industrial civilization has been a fundamental disconnect in consciousness that has led humankind to tell itself that it is exempt from the laws of physics and nature – that infinite growth is possible on a finite planet. ...

Mankind is essentially expecting (or demanding) that technology overturn the laws of physics, chemistry and especially thermodynamics/energy.

Today we are awash in technology… and we are also dying. We are, in fact, killing ourselves with it. We make better weapons. We make better devices that require the extraction and consumption of more raw materials and then require us to throw away the energy and resources in old ones. We poison ourselves and our environment with chemicals and then we turn to chemistry to create drugs (using a lot of oil and energy) to imperfectly cure the diseases we ourselves created.

Having recognized that technology is essentially a religion we can also – without great emotional charge – say that technology can be judged as a religion to be either a success or failure; either outcome being measured by whether it adds to the health, longevity and survival of our species or hinders it.

I think the same tests are beginning to be applied to all religions. Soon they will be applied with a FURY.
A good question to ask then is, “Are there any spiritual practices which originate from and teach a way to live rightly and in balance with this world?” Is there an instruction manual that teaches us how to live here?


(Part 1) Indigenous Native American Prophecy

I am no expert on these beliefs, merely a beginning student. I remember once asking one of my teachers, Skip Mahawk, an elder of the Dakota Sioux in Oregon, if I had a chance of becoming a human being in the way indigenous spiritual traditions defined them – that is, people who lived in complete or near-complete harmony with nature and who had respect for the earth and for all living things. I have never seen a Native American laugh so hard.
I have experienced earth-based religions referring to good and bad or darkness and light but I have yet to encounter one that advocates an “overcoming” or final victory of one over the other. As with Taoism and Buddhism, what I have encountered thus far in my study and experience of earth-based spirituality is an emphasis on balance between the two on this plane and a loving acceptance or embrace of both as elements of a cyclical rhythm of existence, like the seasons; like day and night. [It's a planets orbits thang. - T.]


Organized religion has been a major player in bringing us to this horrific crisis. The cozy co-existence between “religions”, politics, and money, is revealed pretty clearly if one steps back and examines the historical interactions with the leaders of these religions and the expansion of industrial civilization over the last four centuries. Let’s face it; Christianity has obviously had the best “business model”, but only in an infinite-growth paradigm.

Perhaps nowhere is this historical “coziness” revealed more starkly than in the almost-perfect alignment with Catholicism’s need to proselytize, expand and convert the heathens with Spain’s hunger for resources, territory and wealth from the 1400s through the 1800s. Protestant Britain’s ruthless oppression of pagans and Druids accomplished the same thing. The same can be said of American bible-thumpers who demonized native peoples and exterminated them “in the name of God” in North America in the 1800s, or the way in which Christian Evangelism worked hand-in-hand with the CIA and the Rockefeller family to colonize and subjugate Latin America. And it is abundantly true of the emerging spiritual theme of the Tea Party movement which, according to several recent polls is populated by the same people who would burn the Koran and exterminate Muslims. Those same polls also showed that a dominant belief among Tea Party members was that the United States is a *Christian* nation { * links here: PoliticalChili.COM/2010/10/prri-survey-religion-and-race-underlie-tea-party-movement-beliefs/ }

As long as continued and wasteful expansion produced tangible, if imperfect and unequal “progress,” then that symbiotic partnership worked by enabling secular and clerical power elites to consolidate and enlarge their control and influence over… us, the people. I would include financial elites as a separate class in this trinity as well.

But as collapse unfolds and as religions fail to adapt to or address changing needs and circumstances, the flaws in mankind’s disconnect become more apparent and more manifest. We have now come full circle back to the imperative of having a cosmology that shows us how to: get along in this world. The laws governing the physical universe are real limits to our self-indulgent behavior. They are real limits to growth. ...

So maybe the sociopolitical Movement afoot should be renamed 'Sustainable Getting Along.'

And it ain't about "carbon dioxide" -- whether or not anyone knows whatever that is or means -- carbon dioxide is somewhat of a distraction and a side-issue very much like hearing a smoke alarm when you're inside a burning building ... you probably shouldn't get too argumentively concerned about if the smoke alarm is too loud or hurting your ears ... better concern yourself with what it is telling you.

Yeah, bottom line, "people's routines are going to change" -- and your choice is:
Do the change yourself, OR
Get the change done to you.

Jim's comment illustrates why we don't have a sane transportation policy in Portland: Light rail proponents get a free pass by pointing at opponents and chuckling "Look at those Earth-is-Flatters, they don't even believe in global warming." Instead of honestly examining the environmental impacts of building and operating various light rail projects over the course of their useful lives versus the universe of alternatives, we get a touchy-feely Green/Sustainable campaign that equates any light rail project with environmentalism. It doesn't matter where the rail is built, who it serves, how commuting trends are dramatically changing, how much it costs, how many acres of wetlands and miles of waterways are filled in with sediment during its construction, how much diesel its empty trains will burn for decades after it's built, nor does it doesn't matter what changes are in the works in the automobile industry. It's just rail = green/sustainable/good; cars = polluting/Republican/bad. The truth on this issue, as with almost everything in life, is nuanced. As long as the opposition to poorly-conceived light rail can be characterized as Kerlockian, it will be business-as-usual around here.

JK ignores the greater issue of rising per capita remand on resources as global poverty declines. This is well presented in an article that his cited link to "grist" offers.


Argue all you wish about CO2. Adjusting life styles to fewer overall resources (think H2O, not CO2)is what must be recognized.

Well, thanks, Tensk.

Unlike Jack, I have a fine little watch, so I don't need to reset it. You chimed in right on time.

Rudy Baum can't even persuade his own membership.

American Chemical Society members revolting against their editor for pro AGW views.

And this scientist resigned from another organization because of the leadership's stance.


But on a local level people should consider that Sam Adams, Randy Leonard, Rex Burkholder, Neil McFarlane, Lynn Peterson and every other local supporter of all things TriMet and Metro, to a person, are all members of the AGW movement. That alone has to tell you there's a severe problem with it.

If you need more this is a new place I found.

Don This is well presented in an article that his cited link to "grist" offers.
JK: Well, duh, I’ve had that on PortlandFacts.com for ages. http://www.portlandfacts.com/worldpopulation.html

Don Argue all you wish about CO2. Adjusting life styles to fewer overall resources (think H2O, not CO2)is what must be recognized.
JK: This article contains its own debunking:
The granddaddy of demographic doomsters was Bob Malthus, an English clergyman who got famous by warning 200 years ago about population growth.

The grandaddy of “were doomed, were running out of .....” was wrong 200 years ago - his prediction didn’t come true. These people always underestimate man’s ability to invent: Population Bomb didn’t happen. Limits to Growth didn’t happen. Y2k disaster didn’t happen. Coming Ice Age didn’t happen.

They also forget that our mineral resources are increasing at, at least, a cubic function rate:
1. Expanded area of exploration over the Earth’s surface. (2 dimension)
2. Going deeper. (a 3rd dimension.)
3. More efficient use of resources (a 4th dimension)

But worriers always need something to worry about and suck in millions of others to waste their time & resources.

BTW, my favorite Grist article is where Al Gore admits to exaggerating the dangers of warming to panic people into action. (An action which makes him money!)


We were wrong about a lot of things 200 years ago, JK. It would be about 50 years until Origin of The Species was published. That shouldn't be taken to signify much about the current state of the art findings in biology, or climate and geology.

"... worriers always need something to worry about and suck in millions of others ...."

Makes sense. If you aren't a worrier you probably don't worry about what the real worriers are spinning their suck-you-in-verbage vortex around, because if you check it and see what 'they' are talking about it might be contagious and you could get sucked in. It must be a mellow life to be unworried about worriers' worries.

... just reclined in the easy chair sipping a soda, calmly curating stacks of facts about town and timelines of history.

So, JK, what brings you around here in this haven of worriers one gets weary of hearing?

Historians seem to most concern themselves with adjusting or revising conceptual abstract overviews covering past eras and peoples, (even before there was massmedia conducting a narrative to synchronize the tribe's thinking ... or should that be revised to say: 'what the town is thinking'). But futurists seem to prefer studying concrete real-life knowledge of experience and so they read the words of the prophets written on subway walls, tenement halls.

Graffiti speaks.

Credit all to
MUST SEE this BLOGspot do come: Linh Dinh Photos

It's the artful work of the author linked from here.

Crap. The graffiti in the photo got chopped off, rightside. Click on the website link. Linh Dinh has hundreds of conscience-piercing street-scene photos ... uh, real life.

Hey, Tenskwataw, I am criticizing worry about false things, not real things like the government's screw ups.

I assume you know that the current worldwide recession was caused by the housing bubble which was caused by land use restrictions (mainly smart growth) in conjunction with crappy lending practices at Federally regulated institutions.


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