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Sunday, November 14, 2010

'Dog Picks X

The players in our charity pro football underdog contest have made their selections for the week, and more than half of them have the same idea:

14 DALLAS at New York Giants - AKevin
7 CINCINNATI at Indianapolis - Flowers by Dorcas Husband, genop's gal, Broadway Joe, Doug
6.5 ST. LOUIS at San Francisco - Bob, Matt, Mike G., Hank, Ricardo, Jim, Sattelihu, Anthony, Eric, Michael K., Nick, Larry Legend, Flowers by Dorcas, john dull, PJB, Gary
4.5 NEW ENGLAND at Pittsburgh - Paul, genop, Andy, Conrad, Biggest Cubs Loser
3 WASHINGTON vs. Philadelphia - pdxmick, Annie, Gordon
3 DETROIT at Buffalo - Umpire

Good luck, everybody, and enjoy the games.

UPDATE, 4:50 p.m.: Only one winner in the day games -- AKevin, who went for the gusto with the Cowboys. Smart guy. The majority lost in overtime. Several players are still in the hunt tonight and tomorrow night.

UPDATE, 11:24 p.m.: New England comes through, as we knew they would, giving points to four savvy players. That leaves the standings as follows, with one game to go tomorrow evening:

Andy 41
Biggest Cubs Loser 39.5
Gary 39.5
genop 38
Gordon 37
pdxmick 33
Broadway Joe 31.5
Flowers by Dorcas 27
AKevin 25.5
john dull 25.5
Michael K. 21.5
Paul 21.5
Flowers by Dorcas Husband 21
Ricardo 20
PJB 19.5
Sattelihu 18.5
Larry Legend 17.5
Drewbob 16.5
Hank 16.5
Matt 16.5
Annie 16
Doug 14.5
Jim 13
Mike G. 13
Eric 12.5
Anthony 11.5
Conrad 9.5
Nick 9.5
Bob 8.5
Umpire 7.5
Bad Brad 6
genop's gal 0

Comments (6)

I'm starting to regret changing my pick from Dallas at the last minute last night!

Paul, genop, Andy, Conrad, BCL, you are are all stalwart bettors, but it could be a long evening in western PA. There are so many questions about the Pats.

Ok, I officially suck at picking dogs.

What? You were in good company this week.

Pats pretty impressive so far. Superb pass rush. Back to basics on offense and defense. Look for Patrick Chung (from Kingston, Jamaica via UO) to play a critical role at safety against BenR's aerial assault, especially late in the contest. Last week was too embarrassing for an excellent team and its masterful coach.

The NYT's Judy Battista reports this summation from the wry Patriots' coach after this evening's performance:

“That’s the N.F.L.,” Patriots Coach Bill Belichick said. “If you knew what was going to happen in this league, you’d make a lot of money.”

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