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Sunday, November 21, 2010

'Dog do not

Only one winner in the underdog pool today -- Matt scored 7 with the Redskins over Tennessee. We still have six players rooting for the Broncos (10) against the Bolts tomorrow night: AKevin, Hank, Sattelihu, Gary, Paul, and Eric. That double-digit game could change things considerably, but as of this posting, here are the standings:

Andy 41
Biggest Cubs Loser 39.5
Gary 39.5
genop 38
Gordon 37
pdxmick 33
Broadway Joe 31.5
Flowers by Dorcas 27
AKevin 25.5
john dull 25.5
Matt 23.5
Michael K. 21.5
Paul 21.5
Flowers by Dorcas Husband 21
Ricardo 20
PJB 19.5
Sattelihu 18.5
Larry Legend 17.5
Drewbob 16.5
Hank 16.5
Annie 16
Doug 14.5
Jim 13
Mike G. 13
Eric 12.5
Anthony 11.5
Conrad 9.5
Nick 9.5
Bob 8.5
Umpire 7.5
Bad Brad 6
genop's gal 0

Nobody has the G-Men against the Eagles tonight.

Comments (2)

Woohoo! Too bad about the Vince Young meltdown.

Speaking of those who do not win, "Jeff Pearlman put together a list of the 100 worst players in NFL history for Deadspin.com."


Derek Anderson and Matt Moore (out for this season) rank rather high on the list of the low.

Michael Chung did not play nearly as well last evening against the Midwestern Colts as he did during the Steelers contest a week ago, but a teammate's unlikely interception ended the game before PManning was able to test him one last, demoralizing time.

BTW, how often do the Mannings lose on the same day?

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