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Friday, November 12, 2010

Death of a Reedie

And its impact on his famous dad.

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“When you lose a child, I don’t care what anybody tells you, you lose part of yourself,” Arum said recently over breakfast. “It does not get easier over time.”

So sad. So true.

Sad, of course. Sad, too, that most of us chilled out on 11/11 with scant acknowledgement of boys and girls lost in
losing causes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea,
Central and South America, etc.

The South Koreans would disagree with your "losing cause" allegation. Many Nicaraguans, Panamanians, and Colombians would disagree as well.

As for Afghanistan, the mere fact that Osama Bin Laden communicates by three month old videotape smuggled out on donkeys is indicative of some success. As is the absence of a 2nd mass casualty event perpetrated by Al Qaeda.

Besides which, Afghanistan is Obama's War now, which makes it necessary, prudent, and just.

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