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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Clean money" losing; fire bonds down by a hair

City of Portland voters are showing healthy skepticism about the bad ideas coming out of their City Hall. The "voter-owned" election system -- taxpayer financing of local political campaigns -- is trailing by about 5400 votes, and the property tax increase for fire trucks is down by about 850.

UPDATE, 11:19 p.m.: "Voter-owned elections" are now officially dead. Good riddance. Will Amanda Fritz run again? She said she wouldn't be in politics without "clean money." Sure -- just watch.

Comments (5)

Finally! Choke on that egg, "clean money" yuck-yucks!

Well at least we will know that ALL of our elected officals will get their campaign money from the public now. (They give it to the developers and the developers give part of it back to the electeds as campaign donations.)

I moved out of Portland before this election cycle: I would have voted no on all three property tax increases (OHS, MultCo Library, PFB), and I still voted no on Tri-Met's charade.

I can't imagine how pissed Randy must be: I'll bet he even wears a tie tomorrow.

After five years and millions wasted, the voters finally got a say on their so-called "voter-owned elections".

The answer was the one the politicians were afraid of all along -that's why they never put it to a vote.

Can you hear us NOW,?

In the O, Amanda's quoted as saying, "I think the voters are cranky." Cranky? Really? How about "tired of having the City waste our money"? I guess that could come across as cranky.

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