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Monday, November 22, 2010

Burning question

On another Sunday talk show, CBS’s "Face the Nation," Mrs. Clinton said she would not like to go through a security pat-down.

"Not if I could avoid it," she said. "No. I mean, who would?"

All together now, everyone: Besides your husband?

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Maybe Sam?

You're not getting enough rest.

Finally, finally, a voice of reason calls, laying at our feet a clear and simple case for better airport security....

("beside me, singing in the wilderness, which is paradise enow..." -the rubaiyat)


The thinking that a terrorist will only use an airplane is one part of the problem.

How many cruise ships with 4000 passengers are there on the high seas?

That has to be near the top of the list of crappy jobs. I cannot imagine having to spend all day "patting down" the average holiday travelor. Not even lava soap can make that feel better.

And I'm sure all passengers on Air Force One & Marine One are required to undergo this sort of screening every time, "just in case".

I'm surprised that the civil libertarians who comment here aren't more concerned about this issue. The federal government is giving airline passengers a choice: an electronic scan that creates an image of their naked body and has unknown health effects, or a full body frisk, including one's most intimate parts. Under Supreme Court rulings, the police cannot stop and frisk a person unless they have a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. But here, the government can frisk all citizens without any suspicion of anything. If the government has the right to frisk every citizen who wishes to travel by air, if someday there is an attack on a cruise ship or a train, or on an interstate highway, can they frisk everyone who attempts to travel by those means? If there's a bomber at a Safeway, can they frisk everyone who goes to the store to buy a six-pack? I'm surprised that people who expressed legitimate concern about the government listening in on specific phone calls between foreign locations and the US seem to feel just fine about dehumanizing searches of completely innocent US citizens. Its a very dangerous slippery slope we're on.

Do any members of Congress have to submit to the scan or pat down?


Exempt from screening:
Congressional leadership with a security detail
President, VP, cabinet secretaries traveling on government planes or with a security detail
Certain foreign dignitaries traveling with a security detail
Ex-Presidents traveling with a security detail

Not exempt:
Other little people

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