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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Behind the scenes

It's not all a bed of roses at Twitter. (It's not safe for work, either.)

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If the Whale has an iPhone or an iPad, it may find communication in the increasingly noisy oceans a tad easier, for "[s]tarting Thursday, users of Ping can link their accounts to Twitter, the microblogging service said. This means posts and reviews in Ping will be tweeted on the users’ Twitter feeds with links to the music on iTunes. When viewed on the Twitter website, tweets sent via Ping expand to let users play a preview of the song or link to iTunes to buy it. In addition, Ping users will be able to more easily find Ping accounts for their contacts on Twitter."

Boy, I'd really hate to work someplace where that isn't safe for work!

It says ca-ca.

Speaking of NSFW, the story of the ousting of the Chicago Tribune execs for their emails is great reading:


I can't find a link to the memo that this guy sent out to the entire staff of multiple newspapers, but it was quite incredible.

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