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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Attention: Today is Wednesday

Between the freezing cold, the kids being off from school, and a four-day holiday weekend starting tonight, it feels as though we should all have the day off, doesn't it? Those of us who don't, can at least act like it's Friday, I guess.

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Just wait 'till you're retired. You get no time off from that.

I get 4 days off from writing jokes, except for the TV stuff, so I'm tingling with joy. Not that banging out around 70 jokes a day doesn't wear you down but...
At least this new technology is a big help. This year we're cooking an I-Turkey from Apple. It's a regular turkey but it sends you a text message when it's done.
My mother-in-law will not be joining us this year. She wanted to make it but she has a mud-wrestling tournament in Boise.
I'm also glad that I'm not traveling, but I was thinking: What are those airport security agents like when they home? "Not tonight, honey. I've been fondling people all day."
That last one played big with the teller at the bank.
Happy Thanksgiving, to you, Jack, and my fellow Bogettes.

This Thanksgiving I'm protesting the new TSA security measures by eating a flightless bird. Or something.

Heard retired Sen. Bob Packwood is trying to get on with the TSA.

Happy turkey day to you Jack, the one person (apologies to Prof Cameron) who made tax law interesting (Bar-Bri summer 2001).

Bill you and TX Triffid need to do a stand up act. Except most people would be dead from punctured lungs due to laughing too hard.

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