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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another mission accomplished... not

Remember when they were talking about the future of the Rose Quarter and the mayor of Portland said, "Now is the time for action. We do not lack plans. We lack action"?

That was in April 2009.

It makes the latest news on that project all the more amusing.

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Btw, saw the old white stag sign coming into town. At the moment it reads "P Oregon", pronounced "poor again" I imagine

The Memorial Coliseum would make a perfect Homeless Center and just a short walk from the Pearl. All I want for the idea is the grocery cart repair concession.

They did not lack plans. They lacked plans that didn't suck.

There will be no "grocery cart repair concession". If one's Burnside Cadillac needs repair, it is cheaper to trod up to the Fred Meyer parking lot and replace it with a new one.

All one needs is a tool to snap off the Fred Meyer logo and they're golden.

"And it has the opportunity to improve our high school graduation rate and our college attainment rate. So, I like the idea of high expectations, and our goal is to exceed them."

Ummm...is he for real?
Am I missing something?
Get a clue Tram!!!!

Adams said it's too early to tell whether a 10-story tower, with a big apparel business inside, is realistic.

If you subtract about 10 years, switch Adams with Katz and replace apparel business with biotech, it sounds like Sam is reducing his carbon footprint by recycling his own BS.

And that whole business about improving the high school graduation rate and college attainment rate makes me think he's got a medical marijuana card too.

I would recommend using the Coliseum for it's real purpose:

Celebrity Death Match

"Do I have anything up my sleeve? No," he said. "But I am definitely working hard to get a few things up my sleeve."
Sam Adams spoke, like the true trickster that he is!

"So, I like the idea of high expectations, and our goal is to exceed them."

Then quit. My high expectation is that one day, I will wake up, and not have to hear you babble about whatever it is you call leadership, and maybe have a grown-up for a mayor.

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