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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another Dagoba chocolate recall

This time for salmonella. Last time it was for lead, and I got a bunch of it. Haven't bought any Dagoba products since -- and am mighty glad.

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Gives whole new meaning to the term "Hershey squirts", doesn't it?

Didn't Yoda live on Dagoba? I wouldn't eat anything processed in that swamp either.

On a Google search I found a heading that featured Dagoba Chocolate as “Dedicated to the Art of Chocolate Alchemy®” Weren’t the alchemists the ones that tried to make lead into gold? I guess Dagoba didn’t quite get there yet. I think I will stick to one of the non-organic national brands for my sweet tooth, thanks.

Thanks loads, Texas. I'm draining my keyboard of coffee blown out thru my nose.

Always glad to be of service, PDXLifer.

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