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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And now, on to something important

Not to be lost amid the election hubbub are this week's pro football underdogs, of great interest to our charity pool players. We have quite a few home 'dogs this time around -- unlike last week, when there were none:

9 ARIZONA at Minnesota
8 DALLAS at Green Bay
7.5 TAMPA BAY at Atlanta
6.5 CAROLINA vs. New Orleans
6.5 SEATTLE vs. New York Giants
4.5 MIAMI at Baltimore
4.5 CLEVELAND vs. New England
4.5 CINCINNATI vs. Pittsburgh
3.5 DETROIT vs. New York Jets
3 BUFFALO vs. Chicago
3 INDIANAPOLIS at Philadelphia
2.5 HOUSTON vs. San Diego
2.5 KANSAS CITY at Oakland

Readers, if you spy an underdog team (in caps) on this list that can win its game outright, please let us know. Some of us badly need enlightenment.

Comments (2)

Chicago is only a three point favorite over Buffalo? Ouch.

Just to let you know, after the Rangers made it to the Series, a lot of signs started popping up spontaneously all over the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. They all read "Nolan Ryan: Could You Buy the Cowboys, Too?"

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