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Friday, November 12, 2010

An unbeatable challenger

It's too bad that this is so very unsafe for work. It shows just about the only way that Portlanders are going to be able to change the cast of characters running our local government.

Which candidate would you vote for?
Randy Leonard
Naked Woman
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Comments (19)

She would have easily qualified for vote-owned election funds; maybe we should have another referendum.

The only way i'd vote for sarah palin would be her naked.(UGHHH just had a thought of vera katz naked).

At 37 votes for the naked woman, you would have thought Sam would have voted for Randy by now.

I feel somewhat cheated by the "view" option in the poll.

Nice shot Lc, and it wasn't a rim shot

This is your best blog post ever.

OK which one of you wise guys [gals] voted for RL ?

UGHHH just had a thought of vera katz naked).

Commence washing eyes w/bleach.....

Is this an R rated thread and how many of you clicked to Enlarge?

While you guys were staring, you missed the big news in the sports section of the same issue:


Has she been fully vetted?

This is what Mayor Creepy's mentoree would have looked like if he batted for the other team.

Maybe this is the only way to break the bondage of our fiscally (physically) challenged City Council.

Heck, I'd pick a randomly chosen fully clothed woman in that race.

".(UGHHH just had a thought of vera katz naked)."

What if Randy takes the bait and goes au naturel also?

I love the Onion, they come up with some good stuff.

Re: "What if Randy takes the bait and goes au naturel also?"

Photoshop may have helped Tom Hughes:

Perhaps Dudley might have.... But he did not and no one did it for him.

Craft must have clothes, but truth loves to go naked.

Thomas Fuller (1608-1661) British clergyman and author.

Only 4 votes for Randy!

Somebody in Council is holding out.

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