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Monday, November 15, 2010

A new sister city for Portland

They've even got their own SoWhat District. No doubt a sustainability center won't be far behind.

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Hmmm. They obviously need to form an urban renewal district and run a few streetcars through there. If that fails, maybe add some foodcarts.

Don't slam the food carts. Aside from the city sponsored food cart for illegals at the day labor center, the carts don't suck down any of our tax dollars. The streetcar, however, is a much different story ...

Makes me wonder how much longer they can afford to keep financing our deficit.

What else can they do with US dollars? They don't really want to buy much from us.

I guess they could try to sell less to us...

Kind of makes you wonder who is leading who.

That whole city is failing because there are no streetcars. I bet Adams is aching for a "trade mission" out that way to sell some Portland Streetcars...that'll sure beef up local real estate sales!

And if that doesn't work...maybe throw in a Tram?

Poses the old question - If they built an area that would be an urban planner's wet dream, would they come??? The obvious answer is NO!!!! These places are a stupid idea here and a stupid idea there.

Urban planning = big expensive joke.

"Most of the people who come to our restaurant are government officials and their guests. There aren't any common residents around here."

Sounds like where I live.

Just like here, the developers and planners just don't get the fact that you can't manufacture the charm, history, and character of someone's lifelong residential neighborhood. People are not attracted to this soul-less, sterile, glass and stone type of generic bunker atmosphere. See! even in China you can't just roll out a new urban center and expect people to flock to it.

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