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Monday, November 8, 2010

A multi-modal clustertrek

This looks like fun. The map reminds me of Adams's and Blumenauer's thought processes.

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Cunning. Bicycle traffic both east- and westbound has to ride across— two times! -- the path of vehicles traveling the same route in the same direction. It's as if this was designed by some of the hard-core anti-bike folks who read and post here.

Sadly no Allan, it was designed by the same transportation planners who have f**ked up the whole central city.

I'm now totally confused.

I just wanna go home.

I read somewhere that the latest thought from the Europeans, who are substantially more serious about traffic safety than Americans, is that too much complexity in signage, pavement marking, etc, is...wait for it!....unsafe. Duh! So, they are implementing programs to reduce signage and pavement marking complexity and de-clutter roadways.

Five dollars says that the same consultants who got rich telling our bureaucrats how to create world class complexity on our roads get richer telling them how to undo most of it. You should have a charity pool to guess the date that the simplification program gets announced.

Is this map turned the wrong way? Usually north is at the top, otherwise it should be indicated.

Don, map is correct, top is north. But I agree with you, all maps should have a north arrow no matter how they are presented.

BWAAA HAA HAA this is the dumbest thing the COP has ever done , NO cyclist is going to detour like that , they are gonna jump on the sidewalks and run over me , the old frail pedestrian. Oh and this is notice COP that I will sue you the first time I get hit by a bike on the sidewalk for this malicious design...

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