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Saturday, October 16, 2010

What else is new? The O almost gets it right.

Here's a hoot of a story -- the O is reporting on the obvious: Gatsby Wyden really lives in New York now.

They're reporting this on Saturday, of course, when readership is at its lowest. But still.

The denials are classic: His kids' favorite place is Jamison Square! Yeah, they loved it both times they were there. Hilarious.

I'd love to see Nancy Bass take a quiz about Portland -- history, geography, any aspect you like. Ten easy questions -- see what kind of score she'd get. You can almost hear the exchange at the cocktail party: "Honey, what's the name of the bus out there again -- Tri-Max?"

Wyden's pit bull Josh Kardon is portraying all of this as an "attack on" Wyden's "family." Poppycock. He's got a wonderful family -- a wonderful family in Manhattan.

Besides, the O went easy on Ron: They left out the fact that he's a Republican now, too.

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You wish there were Republicans like Wyden. There are not. They are wingnuts like Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, the witch in Delaware and the Oregon warlock, Jim Huffman.

"An accounting of his time on official Senate business by Wydens's office shows that he has spent 96 percent of his time during his last term in either Washington, D.C. or Oregon."

Was hoping the ace investigative reporter might have dug down a bit to see what amount of time the Senator spent in Oregon, since that seems to have been the issue. Will have to wait for the those details when WW does their story.

Allan: You forgot Sarah Pinocchio.

The O commentators are funny. Wyden's office says he spends 96% of his time on official business in either DC or Oregon and they think that means 96% period. I'd like to know how he splits up his unofficial time.

"he has never once owned a home in New York or lived in New York."

Interesting definition of "live". If you're showing up to the same place over & over again, your wife & kids are there, your wife owns the place and your toothbrush is next to the sink, that's pretty much a place you live at.

"On some weekends, if the family can't come to D.C., Ron needs to jump on a plane and see the family at Nancy's house,"

Does he sleep on Nancy's pillows in Nancy's bed after watching Nancy's tv ? That's some pre-nup she got him to sign.

Wait, I bet Nancy's fridge has Nancy's Yogurt in it.

"Is incumbent Democrat Ron Wyden really an Oregonian? Some Republican bloggers, radio hosts and sympathizers think not."

For some reason, the Oregonian left out "supporters" from that list. I'm absolutely voting for Wyden, solely because his re-election may be the only thing preventing control of the Senate from ending up in the hands of people who are dead-set on repealing the entire 20th century. (Wyden, like Bill Clinton, is more of an Eisenhower Republican.) But I haven't regarded him as an Oregonian for quite a few years now. It's long been obvious to everyone but the O that his family and social life is based in New York.

Yeah, they "reported" it. But they also had to spin it to look like its just the right wing that thinks it.

Wyden is at most a borderline RINO. Populism pours out his mouth but luckily its just a smoke screen for the blue chumps of Oregon, as mostly he is largely ineffective. E.G he got steamed rolled in the healthcare reform proceedings, having said to have seriously developed other plans years before ObamaCare. His party brethren dropped his ideas like a cold potatoe pancake. Of course, being the patsy he is, he went along to get along. Now he feins an exemption from ObamaCare seeking only to advance his political calculus in this November's election.

Nope I score Wyden as a member of the Democrat weasel party. On the O's political fact meter, BoJack's republican assertion scores close to a "pants on Fire." Not that I endorse the O as much of an arbiter of truth.

No chance Wyden loses. So all disaffected Dems (myself included) might as well send a message by voting for someone to the Left of Wyden. I'm assuming there is a Green or something similar on the ballot.

Hey, now. Let's keep a fine local product like Nancy's Yogurt out of this.

This read was laughable because they admit his wife and kids LIVE in NYC
but they claim he spends most of his time in DC and Oregon.

Ok so we buy that and don't vote for him because he's a jerk for a husband and father.
Does anyone think that if he loses he and his family would move to Oregon?

Send Wyden him home to NYC.

As if we need him?

And depsite the BlueOregon smear children Huffman is a fine Oregon man, husband, father and fomer dean of Lewis and Clark Law school.

Do you think I could sell some prime oceanfront real estate in Nevada to the O's reporting staff? I mean once the San Andreas fault breaks off, they'd be sitting on a fortune.

Got my ballot today. For US Senate, US Congress, and OR gov races, I did not vote for any Demos or Repugs.

Wrote in for US Senate (won't say who)
Took a 3rd party for Congress
And wrote in Jack Bogdanski for Gov. - if Jack gets enough votes to make a blip, someone out there (3rd party) will notice

"people who are dead-set on repealing the entire 20th century"

Dude, it is not Republicans who want to do away with that evil 20th Century device, the personal automobile. Your dishonest hyperbole is showing.

To me the more interesting "funny" from the Big Zero today was Bernstein's piece on the re institution of the PDX cop gun task force.

What was missing was any data on when the gun task force which PPB had previously had had been disbanded, and who the Mayor, Police Commissioner and Chief were at the time.

Back to the topic on hand. My wife had a brilliant idea. She suggested reporters should find out what private schools the Wyden’s have put their kids on the waiting list. If in Oregon, well then he is an Oregonian, if in New York, well a New Yorker. Anyone want to speculate what state his kids are going to school in? Now go vote for Huffman.

John Benton... it's going to be a cold day in Hades before some of us ever vote repugnicant. I'll write in before I will do that. When they quit with the radical religious right social meddling, I'll think about it, until then... fuggettaboutit

John Bennet -

IIRC, the twins are a tad young to be in school yet.

The kids from marriage 1 are all adults now.

Andrew, you nailed it-especially the Oregonians slight use of the word "official". So deceptive, and typical Oregonian tripe. Since on average per Congress databases, a Senator spends about 9 hours per working day (and that is exaggerated) the working time equals only 1/4th of a Senator's total time. How clever.

Does the Oregonian have a reporter that can think beyond what information is provided by the source? I think they sometimes can, but that is why I see their reporting as deceptive.

Now the Oregonian can claim they are fair and balanced, considered all the variables, and will endorse Wyden. Keep driveling and drooling Oregonian.

I'm beginning to think that Huffman has a chance. His campaign is working hard and the money is rolling in, but not like Wyden's, adding to his war chest.

I really find it offensive how Wyden's critics frequently resort to antisemitic comments like "...he's a NY Jew..." and "his party brethren dropped his ideas like a cold potatoe pancake." Nice one there, Bob Quale. I guess I shouldn't vote for him because he's a Jew? I guess you think it would have been better if Germany won WWII, or that we should all be forced to be Puritans? No? Then what are you trying to say with the "potatoe pancake" thing, other than you don't know what those red lines mean that show up under the words you type? Speaking in and of ad hominem attacks, when will people learn that they undermine arguments instead of being persuasive? (Sorry Puritans and Neo-Nazis, I was only trying to make a point.) I mean, I wanted to vote against the useless tool, but when I see the racist mush-for-brains who support the crotchety old dean, I think I'll stick with the devil I know for another six.

Salad day -

You are the first person I've read or heard who uses "Jew" as an epithet for Wyden.

Either IU've got to get out more, or you are seeing and hearing things that arent there in any general circulation.


Out of left field that "Jew" play came.

What on earth are you referring to?

Not once have I ever read Wyden being referred to as a Jew.
In fact until now I didn't even realize he was a Jew.


Suppose every republican running in Oregon were to win.
What sort of "radical religious right social meddling" would that produce?

Because I've missed entirely the radical religious right policies being advocated.

Behind the scenes I don't hear any of them being discussed.

What is advocated and discussed are far better alternatives to the lunacy we all blog about here.

How can the weight of the lunacy possibly be outweighed by your percieved threat from the religious right?

Are we supposed to a sacrifice the entire state by preserving the lunacy because of a threat that we're supposed to imagine?

If Huffman is a "wingnut" to Allan L., it says much more about Allan than Huffman.

As for Sen. Wyden: his twins will be enrolled in school soon, that will speak volumes about where his family lives. I doubt they will allow dual enrollments on two different coasts. I would bet he enrolls them in the school where the Obama's kids attend, if only to maintain the illusion that Wyden's work is the only competitor for his loyalty to Oregon.

If only more Democrats were like Allan, there'd be no question about the Republican landslide and control of both houses.

So what's the big deal?

Ron Wyden lives in New York? Oregonians are fine with that.

John Kitzhaber in bed with the Goldschmidt Gang? No problem there, either.

The fact is Oregonians, especially those in Multnomah County, are OK with corruption, backroom deals, pedophile public officials, co-opted media outlets and sweetheart public/private contracts.

Think I'm full of it? Tell me that on Nov. 3, after the "people" have spoken.

The fact is Oregonians, especially those in Multnomah County, are OK with corruption, backroom deals, pedophile public officials, co-opted media outlets and sweetheart public/private contracts.

For Multnomah Co, I think its more of a denial issue. They really believe only Republicans do that stuff.

And the rest of the state doesnt have a choice. The population of the Portland area controls the ballot box.

Ron Wyden is a good, honest, knowledgeable person. Of course he does not spend as much time in Oregon as we do. That is because we have sent him to Washington. By the way, Ron has a great staff. I have worked with them twice over the past decarde, and they were outstanding.

The question isn't Oregon vs. Washington. It's Oregon vs. New York.

By the way, Ron has a great staff.

So does Bill Clinton, at least if you believe Monica.

Notice also The O's editorial page is against tougher penalties for drunk driving and sex offenses.

They say it's too expensive, but I suspect the real reason is the editorial page editor knows he'd go to jail for his next DUI. And there will be a next one.

Other Jimbo, I don't know if the O's editorial page editor will get his third DUI. Portland police have both his and Sam's license plate number and photo ID on their dash boards. That helps explain how Sam avoided his drunken driving on Hayden Island.

Ben - I've already told you more than once that I won't engage with you because I see no value in any kind of dialogue with you.

Watching the TV news orgasm over the arrival of the President on Air Force 1 at the Air National Guard Base, I see so many locals....Sen. Merkeley , not running for re election, leading the greeting party.

OK, the junior Democratic Senator is there. Nice.

Where's Ron Wyden, the senior Democrat Senator from Oregon, who is actually on the ballot in Oregon this year?

Big campaign event in Meachum?

Got confused and went to Kennedy or LaGuardia or Islip to meet Air Force 1?

Just asking.

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