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Monday, October 4, 2010

"Urban renewal" challenge brewing in Clackamas County

Well, I'll be. There is a group of folks down in Clackamas County who are getting ready to start a petition drive for an amendment to the county code that would require that creation or expansion of "urban renewal" programs first be subjected to a vote of the people. The proposed language of the code change is here.

This could throw the last monkey wrench into the insane Milwaukie light rail project, which desperately needs "urban renewal" money from Clackamas, but it could also be the harbinger of things to come elsewhere in the Portland 'burbs. The days of "urban renewal" leeching tax dollars off of basic governmental services in some outlying communities could be numbered. (As for the City of Portland itself, of course, even a referendum on such a reasonable concept is out of the question.)

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This is one of the few initiatives that I would work for. Who's
doin' it?

If Clackamas voters get to veto these urban renewal plans for threatening school/police funding, it will shake up the whole rigged system of public-private partnerships throughout the region.

I'll donate a Saturday for this effort.

Who would you all say was most responsible for pushing these "public-private partnerships" in our area?

I have been concerned that as the economy has slowed and we need to be more careful of money being spent, that somehow more of these partnerships would be popping up with public paying more to help the private. . so this is a good sign that people are saying NO enough to begin this challenge.

Folks. Please get out of your mind that urban renewal areas directly take money away from schools. Under the state funding formula ("equalization"), any local money is subtracted from the money provided by the state. Therefore, any money diverted to urban renewal will be made up my money provided by the state.

The argument to make is that urban renewal money in rich areas like Portland take money away from poorer areas--and rural areas--that don't get to ride on the urban renewal gravy train.

TL;DR: Urban renewal screws poor rural districts. "Thanks a lot, Salem!"

any money diverted to urban renewal will be made up my money provided by the state.

Have you looked at the state budget lately? Do you remember the Multnomah County income tax?

This is the ultimate "Bout Time"!

Garage Wine,

The taking from schools is absolute.

Your false perception is a product of years of misinformation by UR/TIF proponents.

The 116 Urban Renewal Ditricts in Oregon now drain away $65 million per year from the common school fund. Pay for 800 teachers.
So every UR district takes from every school in the State.

Here's how it works for every district


The NEA, "The National Education Association" has long been critical of Tax Increment Financing


Hopefully this Clackamas petition will encourgae others in Lake Oswego, Milwaukie and elsewhere to get it on.

Now this is something I would help out with.


The 116 Urban Renewal Ditricts in Oregon now drain away $65 million per year from the common school fund.

Where did you get this and how is it determined?

"Where did you get this and how is it determined?"

The State tracks Urban Renewal.
I't determined by the actual numbers.

That't the amount that comes out of the common school fund to back fill property tax revenue taken by Urban Renewal.

Every school in the state helped pay for the Tram. And and other misappropriation paid by Urban Renewal TIF.

Urban renewal is a pot of money that pays some developers to build projects that they would never consider using their own money.
And allows Tri Met to keep building unsustainable light rail projects.

By diverting scarce education, fire and police money.

This has to end

Can anyone tell me who is behind the petition/initiative effort?

A broad group who will be filing this week and releasing a statement.

In the mean time thank you for your input.

Petition - good luck! Come to Multco next?

I heard that citizens in the Milwaukie
area are working on a proposal to require a vote of the citizens before syphoning off tax dollars to create more UR districts.

The "Tribune" rep[orted today that more of the condos @ South Waterfront are up for auction; $880 million in taxes is going down the drain... I hope all that money doesn't cause the sewers to overflow

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