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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Typo of the Week

This guy will probably lose a few votes, but gain a few as well.

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Yeah...it could be worse. He could have been using 'Dick' as a first name.

The Illinois secretary of state must be a relative of Kate Brown.

Incompetence, or chicanery? In Chicago politics, both are equally likely.

In that part of the country, I think a lot of voters never support Whitey.

Godfrey, it could be worse. The former CEO of EDS is one Dick Brown (yes, in this day and age, he still goes by that version of "Richard"), and he was apparently making noises about running for the House after he got his golden parachute. According to former EDS employees who escaped during his reign of terror, his first name is particularly appropriate, and some of their stories of his rule are probably the reason why he never followed through.


All Greens are rich whiteys, aren't they?

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