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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Third time's a charm

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Nuts! I knew I should have consulted with Lola before I made my pick this week... I wouldn't have picked the Bucs if I had!! :-)

Positioning matters--she's chosen the end bowl twice now. Jack, how do you determine which bowl gets which team? You could totally influence Lola's selection.

Good. Lola did not jinx my pick.

Well.. Lola or no... no win for me. Crazy Dolts.

Jack, how do you determine which bowl gets which team?

I believe she has taken an end bowl all three times -- but it was the left end the first two times.

Knowing that, the position of the five helmets was determined this week by random assignment. And she almost went with a couple in between.

Anyway, she was right!

Years ago, I read about a guy in the San Francisco Bay Area who conducted a similar experiment to predict winning numbers for the California Lottery.

Cats are so complex and mysterious; I wouldn't be surprised if someday it is determined that this is really within their powers.

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