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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

They're only so "green"

Earth-friendly packaging is fine with corporate America -- until it starts affecting profits.

More generally speaking, it appears that "green" is noisy.

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As I've said all along, you don't solve environmental problems by making slightly different purchasing decisions. When billions in profit are at stake, large corporations take control--it doesn't matter if it's oil, wind, algae, whatever. Just understanding this single point would transform people's understanding, I think.


OTOH, if you happen to be on the coast, near Newport, prior to the 29th of this month, you might drop by this exhibition at the gallery in Nye Beach:

Here are some sample images:

How do you recycle your toothbrushes?

It is rather short-sighted, for example, for a dish detergent manufacturer to package a product marked safe for the environment in a plastic container that is clearly not safe for the environment.

Yes, those Sunchip bags were annoying. We don't often buy Sunchips, or any chips for that matter, but I did choose not to buy them because of the bag at least once. However, the bag really did break down in my compost bin. That said, I'm glad the noisy bags are going away. It was one of those things that worked better on paper than in real life.

Seriously? They're too noisy? Thats just sad.

Here is an opening for an enterprising scientist to develop sound-dampening technology for the next generation of biodegradable potato chip bags.

I just don't understand how junk food can be green to begin with. We don't really need the stuff and it is pretty much a waste all around. But I do like potato chips myself and some crackers. Whatever! Pass me a beer.

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