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Monday, October 25, 2010

"They ripped down my campaign sign!"

Ah, the recurring drama.

Well, your sign was illegal, and it was bigger than the ones that the city normally winks at, and the person who removed it may have been more mad about that than he or she was opposed to the content of your message. And no, he or she shouldn't have chopped it down, but try a smaller one next time.

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There seems to be a disease over in SW with folks posting all kinds of signs in the right of way.

Totally illegal under both state law and city code in Portland.

The single worst offender seems to be the Libraru campaign, one supporter of which has litteres right of way from 35th drive north along Taylors Ferry Road to at least 26th and then west on 26th / Garden Home / 31st / Hume /3 0th to at least Multnomah Boulevard.

It would be nice to see Ms. Kaufman required to get out and pick up the illegally posted signs.

It would also be nice if there was a 1,000 vote penalty against anf campaign for each illegally planted sign.

There are some unethical individuals out there.


They are Republicans. Unethical is a given.

"They are Republicans. Unethical is a given."

Substitute "politician" for "Republican" because ethics is a non-partisan field. Take a look at Sam Adams, William Jefferson, Charles Rangel, Roland Burris etc.


My neighbor put up a sign on his yard in 2004 when measure 36 was being hotly contested. His view was that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. Not a view I personally shared, but I respected his right to put the sign in his yard. His signs were destroyed or stolen on at least 3 occassions, and he was verbally threatened once. They never captured the republicans responsible for those crimes either.

It appears that each city has the authority to enact sign laws.

Portland's political sign law is discussed starting on page 3 of this document: http://www.ci.portland.me.us/voter/runningforoffice.pdf

The signs in the right of way thing has been going on for decades. I've tried complaining to the authorities in the past. No one cares.

I've also had a sign removed from my front yard in the past. Considering someone either climbed up over two layers of terrace or came up my drive and onto my private sidewalk and into my yard to do commit the act, they were trespassing as well as stealing. They took down every identical sign in a 12 block area. It's part of the reason I cannot stand the hypocritical radical right.

Who the hell has their picture taken gazing longingly at a big campaign sign from 100 feet away and then has another picture taken of the neatly removed sign from half the distance? Sorry. Nice try. I ain't buyin' it.

LucsAdvo, removing signs is not a radical right endeavor alone.

I have property that faces two parallel streets. I probably support three candidates that are not of your preference. On one street I have replaced the signs three times. On the other street, four times; and I even have neighbors who have helped put them back up even though they think differently.

The last time, this weekend, I was planting a tree on my property when I looked up the slope to see a sign cascading down the slope on my property. I quickly ran up the slope and saw the two individuals trekking away. It took me nine blocks to catch up to them because the crosswalk sign was red preventing their escape. They were canvassers for the "radical left".

More likely kids with nothing better to do for the sake of vandalism. They know it will get on the news. In some cases self inflected damage for attention and sympathy for the current crop of crooks. Remember the cross burning and hangmans noose incidents? Kinda like that. But until proven nobody can say who is doing it right?

Like a sign influences my voting decision. What is the purpose for them, anyway? Really? The owner is just making a statement about his/her preferences. Who cares?

John, that's Portland, Maine.


Um pdxlifer,

I guess you missed THIS

What is even worse than all the campaign signs is all that remain in place long after the elections are over...

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