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Monday, October 11, 2010

The continuing death rattle

Now the O is charging between 67 cents and 75 cents a week for hard copy TV listings. What's next -- 50 cents for the weather?

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Is the O trying to kill itself now?

I feel sorry for print newspapers and I'm going to miss them and that whole era. It's not easy selling things that are available online for free. And not only can you get the TV schedule here on your computer - you can get the TV schedule anywhere in the world. For example, tonight at 8 local time in Antigua and Barbuda you can watch Eminem's film "8 Mile." Scary, huh?

My favorite era in the Oregonian was when they'd reprint the late night jokes in the TV Click section. I'd send a joke out there and watch it bounce around the planet for a few days before returning home in the Sunday Oregonian like a salmon returning from the sea. I miss that.

If it weren't for Pearls Before Swine and the manic liberals that still blame Bush for everything (from the state of the economy to the kidnapping of the Lindburgh baby), I would have terminated my subscription a long time ago.

Too bad you can't pay them any amount of money to be journalists.


You're now down to only ONE reason not to cancel your subscription:



And once you're done with Pearls Before Swine, be sure to stop here:


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