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Saturday, October 16, 2010

That time again

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I want to earn a Purple Thumb and on the same day as you earn yours.

I had heard somewhere that the USPS had delivered ballots in parts of PDX on Friday the 15th. I was looking forward to getting mine today so that I could vote against Kitzhaber v.2

No balott today, saturday the 16th.

Has anyone on here actually received a Mult Co Elections Div mailed balott yet?



I received mine today.

I have voted and have sealed my ballot, and as I always do, I have written in our esteemed host in for numerous positions.

Nonny - got my ballot in SW (somewhere close to Multnomah Village but a different neighborhood) today. USPS delivers when they feel like it sometimes, I think. Voted for Jack for Gov coz all the choices suck... and I cannot vote repugnicant as long as they are going to be a**holes with their RRR spoutings and trying to have the feds meddle in areas that have always been reserved for states until the RRR decided to meddle

Lucs Advo - I'm in the 97219 zip in SW also.

No ballot today.

If for no other reason I like to get it in to ber checked off on the elections division list so that the &^%$^$#^ phone calls stop.

My guess is Jack will be getting a lot of votes.

With King Tut Leonard supporting Hughes, Jack will get my vote for Metro too.

Fred -

I can't vote for another 1,000 A**holes of Oregon true believer like Stacy, and consider Hughes a positive choice. I don't think Hughes can contron the Fireman's decision to support him. Serious question here, not trying to provoke a fight -- other than Leonard's support of him, why not Hughes?

"The people who cast the votes do not decide an election, the people who count the votes do." -V.I. Lenin

Mr Tee... has there been a counting scandal in Oregon that I am unaware of?
Not to say we are immune, but again, we aren't Florida, Illinois or a host of other places that seem to be racked with accusations of dirty tricks every cycle. I am more confident of small d democracy having its place here than those places I listed.
Allowing cynicism as a reason for not participating is allowing the forces who we should be cynical about opportunity.
By all means, everybody legally allowed to vote should. Since this Countrys birth, the Constitution has been amended many times to allow a more common voice. Age,race,sex,tax collection status have been barriers to participation that have been remedied by the Constitution. Apathy should not be a grass roots response to failings of the system, rather activism and engagement should.

With the midterm elections just over two weeks away, it seems like a good time to review exactly what things the GOP is a-okay with: Emailing bestiality porn? Check (Carl Paladino); Dabbling in witchcraft, but shunning masturbation? Check (Christine O'Donnell); Saying gays and sexually active single women shouldn't be allowed to teach? Check (Jim DeMint); Calling unemployment benefits unconstitutional? Check (Joe Miller); Eliminating Medicare? Check (Paul Ryan); forcing the US to withdraw from the UN? Check (Sharron Angle); Advocating repeal of the 17th Amendment? Check (Joe Miller again). Who says the Tea Party is intolerant? Indeed, aside from playing Nazi dress-up as a father/son bonding experience, you can do and say just about anything... as long as you want to "take back your country."

To say nothing about how R's will vote on court appointments, women's abortion rights, implementing health care reform, economic policy and deficits, Medicare, social security and govt-paralyzing "investigations".

All you angry types who want to send a "message" please think about how that sort of thing has worked out in the past.

Hmm, Allan, are any of those folks running here? No, we get stuck with semi-fringe on the left / progressive side instead. What a message.

any of those folks running here?

Define "here".

The Republicans are all deviant sexual freaks who pray to Pagan Gods before carving up the indigent to feed to their offshore factory workers?

Who knew? Allan L., apparently.

Joe Adamski,

The year of the Florida Debacle, Al Gore won Oregon by a relatively slim margin (roughly 6,000 votes, I believe) many of which were cast -- in person -- at Multnomah County election HQ where they continued to accept ballots more than 1 hour after the polls were closed. I was told (but didn't witness) the same was true at many drop-off boxes that year.

My Bush/Cheney vote was invalidated because MultCo elections said they "didn't look the same"...I was welcome to come in and sign a new card, but my vote FOR BUSH/CHENEY didn't count that year.

There has been a Democratic Secretary of State for countless decades in Oregon, and I have very little confidence there is any kind of assertive mechanism in place to detect fraud or discourage partisan dirty tricks at the county level.

Could an election be stolen in Oregon? Absolutely, especially for a local race in which the margins are slim and there is ANY discretion to invalidate Republican votes (which was obvious when they looked at my black dots).

Can I prove fraud? No. But that doesn't mean it never happens. But when I registered to vote in Washington County (online), I didn't see anything that required proof of citizenship: they had no idea if the person sitting at the keyboard was who he says he is, or legally entitled to vote. The system is RIPE for abuse.

The system is RIPE for abuse.

And it's your position, Mr. Tee, that the alleged abuse is prejudicial to republican candidates? Based on what — the signature on your ballot having been rejected ten years ago?

And the fact they violated election law by continuing to accept ballots (in the tightest race for President in 40 years) for 75 minutes beyond the cut-off in one of the most heavily democratic precints in the country. Yes.

Mister Tee - Don't go there. Just don't. Florida was a real and true fiasco that year. It wasn't just hanging chads. Residents in heavily minority areas who were legally registered were denied the right to vote. It touched off major fireworks in FL. Both of my parents (divorced long before that election) were residents of Florida the year Jeb and his cronies and the Supremes stole the election for GW.

I don't know about the circumstances of the 75 minute extension.. did they get swamped and allow those in line at 8PM to vote, but cut off the line to new arrivals? Shaky,but understandable if that was the case.
The laundry list of overt denial of the right to vote to selected groups, usually poor, usually Democratic leaning districts,goes on and on. But recent events are not the only ones. Many have read of the vote being stolen in Chicago, leading to a JFK win, or at least the story goes on. I don't know if its true or not, I was a child in 1960. The point being, it is a Constitutional right to vote,and a civic responsibility. My take on Bojack readers is that there is a high level of interest/participation in civic life. Not that anyone agrees, but everyone seems to care. That is a healthy sign.Your signature not matching and being called on it indicates more that the machinery is working, not that there is a systematic effort to deny anyone of their vote. Had it been a small margin between candidates, perhaps you might have a case,but most likely, it had no effect on the election. When a large segment is denied access to voting, thats when it gets ugly.
At the end of the day, my informed and thoughtful vote is worth just as much as a sound-bite influenced low-inforation voter. Which makes my vote more important to me.
Mr T, you can grumble if you like, I'm filling out my ballot right after I hit the post button.

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