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Friday, October 22, 2010

Some old school election porn

Our friendly regional Indian casinos sent us a piece of campaign junk mail, which arrived yesterday:

A four-pager, and mighty shiny, but no photos -- of anything! Where are the smiling children romping around the reservation? Where are the cartoon figures of the bad guys from Lake Oswego? Just words -- how pedestrian.

But oh, what words!

Relying on privately run, Las Vegas-style casinos to solve our economic problems is morally wrong and sends the wrong message to our children.
Ah, the children. But shouldn't they have added a footnote?
Relying on tribally run, Las Vegas-style casinos to solve the tribes' economic problems is morally fine and doesn't send the wrong message to our children.
Anyway, it's nice to get a "Lady Chatterley" mailer once in a while.

Comments (9)

We got a third OLCV flyer yesterday too.

I think based on that flyer alone, I am voting for M75.

The Oregon Lottery has been sending the wrong message to our children for years. "Scratch-its for Schools"- now there's a pregressive idea:

Fascinating - Almost all (the tribes dont have 2 private executive - right?) the stuff they say about this private casino pretty much applies to the tribal ones. Yet they seem them as negatives.

I like the "it breaks a promise" one. Isn't that the fallback for the PERS people when they go thru the talking points list?

"Relying on privately run, Las Vegas-style casinos to solve our economic problems is morally wrong and sends the wrong message to our children."

Oh thats rich. This vote no stuff is all about "we failed to bribe enough public officials and lawmakers to block out any competition so please please please vote to keep our monopoly intact".

I'm honestly surprised we haven't had someone trying to ban online poker etc. like they did in Washington.

All the ads for the Oregon lottery drive me nuts. "Don't get addicted! Get help! But hey, play more video poker, we need money! Oh, hey here is a hot chick dressed as Cleopatra, buy scratch-its!"

They are as bad as the drug pushers, then moralize about (state) gambling being a great way to help children's education. How about teaching kids "the house always wins" and basic math to help them not gamble.

Got some really shiny, it's for the seniors election porn from TriMet today. I've already voted no dweebs.

Back when I was working in the printing business -- around the time of the "Lion King" movie -- the lottery came out with an African-themed cartoon animal scratch-off card that I ended up working on. I had to wonder who in the hell they were pitching their sales messages at.

If we are going to allow gambling in Oregon (indian casino/lottery) then we should allow others to buil casinos. I do agree gambling is destructive to some but so long as we decide as a society to allow it then open the doors.

As for that flyer bringing up vegas money. Well we have a friend that belongs to the tribe who built the Canyonville casino (whatever the name is, I dont gamble) and she claims Vegas money built that casino. Since casinos are a bit pricey I would guess they've all been built from the same bank.

I LOVE the "privately run, Las Vegas-Style casinos" nonsense in their pitch. Is anyone else aware that most of the management of these Indian operated casinos are management firms and casino managers mostly recruited from Nevada?

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