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Saturday, October 9, 2010

So sweet

Oregon State 29, No. 9 Arizona 27.

UPDATE, 8:40 p.m.: And every bit as good: No. 16 Stanford 37, USC 35.

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And the Ducks are 6-0, leading the Pac-10.

The harsh part is Oregon State could have lost one of the Rodgers brothers on a fluke play. Hope not.
Plus the Cougs got at least one brutal hit off today. You don't want to see an ambulance on the field.

Even harsher.... the Civil War is in Corvallis. Maybe Top 10 ranked Beavers against Number One in the Nation.

The battle would be epic. Beavers beat Ducks for the Rose Bowl, but ducks don't get to the BCS Championship game.

But again, they both could lose twice between now and then... what do I know!

One of two games a year when I, despite being a double Cal grad, root for Stanford to win (the other being against Notre Dame). . . .

The best part of the game was when a USC linebacker picked up a fumble and then got totally annihilated by Andrew Luck!

The Ducks will probably be No. 2 this week. They'll be even more intolerable than usual.

I'm not a huge football fan, but the 2nd half of the USC v. Stanford game was legendary.

Now Jack, Coach Chip is on record as saying the rankings mean nothing and that the Ducks should ignore rankings and focus on playing and he is right.

3-2 and a Beaver mentioning a possible future Top 10 ranking? Who's intolerable?

The hit on Rogers in the end zone should have been at least unnecessary roughness. The play was over after Rogers crossed the end zone line, especially after he took an additional extra two strides and the defender kept yanking him.

Have you all forgotten that you root for sports in the state of Oregon? The Ducks will finish 8-3 and the Beavers 7-6. Let Mediocrity Reign!

3-2 and a Beaver mentioning a possible future Top 10 ranking? Who's intolerable?

Never mind that the two losses are to teams ranked 3 and 4, respectively.

If the Ducks played that schedule, they'd have at least one loss too. Pretty easy to be undefeated when you play a crap New Mexico, a crap Tennessee (they weren't crap when the game was scheduled, but they are certainly crap now) and PORTLAND STATE.

Nice job with the 2004 Auburn scheduling.

I did not say the Ducks schedule was tough. I just think that talking about a top 10 ranking is a little ridiculous at this point for a team with 2 losses. I also did not say that the losses weren't to good teams. They were, but a loss is a loss.

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