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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reader poll: How will Blazers do in '10-'11?

October is fading fast, people, and that means pro basketball is about to resume in earnest. How will the Portland Trail Blazers make out in this campaign, which kicks off tonight with a home game against the Phoenix Suns? We know what we think, but how about you?

How will the Blazers do this season compared to last season?
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As I voted this go-around, my mind went back to 76-77, Bill Walton shooting baskets at Wallace Park, the guys ganging up on Walton and Walton faking out the whole bunch singlehandedly, and they loved it!

I guess I'm the eternal optimist!

I found this:


I well remember the victory parade, and have a bunch of great shots I took with the then state of the art Olympus OM-1. It was Twardzik, I recall, that asked to see the camera, which I handed to him on the victory wagon.

Nice times!

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