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Friday, October 1, 2010

Neighbor news

Some interesting tidbits today about national firms, with Portland operations, in trouble. Wackenhut, the union-unfriendly private outfit that provides security guards to Tri-Met, has been busted for alleged racketeering in Florida. Fraudulent overcharging of the taxpayers, they say. Hmmmm...

Meanwhile, the company that owns the Art Institute of Portland -- something called Education Management Corp. -- is in hot water in Pittsburgh for allegedly falsifying information about its graduates' success in gaining employment.

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Back fifteen years ago, when Web design companies were first getting going, everyone learned firsthand what to expect from Art Institute graduates: nothing much. The fact that the Institute repeatedly lied about employment rates for graduates surprises me slightly, as most of the graphic design and animation grads I met were, like journalism majors, exceedingly well-informed on the realities of employment in their fields. They just figured that they'd buck the odds.

When will TriMet get busted for racketeering?

It claims to run a mass transit system, but it is actually a racket to funnel payroll taxes and fares to the Amalgamated Transit Union (a name that has a certain James Ellroy sound to to it).

Garage... it also funnels money to all things train and benefits individuals and corporations that build tracks and sell trains...

A few years ago my wife contacted the Art Institute of Portland for the purpose of recruiting a new employee as a fashion designer. She talked to two people in the administration on two separate occasions after not receiving a return phone call to follow up on what needed to be done to make contact with someone so she could recruit a prospective new hire. She decided it wasn't worth a third phone call when there was no response after the second call. In my opinion they don't even try to get their students jobs after graduation which is totally pathetic considering it costs as much as a high end private college to go there.

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