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Monday, October 18, 2010

More magic moments from Qwest

Here's a classic.

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Quick, someone somewhere screwed up. Red Alert! Red Alert! Stop the presses!

Thanks, Jack, for alerting us to this issue of vital importance.

I've never meet a company who made it such a PITA to pay them in person.

This problem is not limited to Quest. I have what seems to be an infinite contract with Verizon. I suspect my heirs and their heirs will still be indentured to the cell company.

I had AT & T wireless try to charge me a $200 termination fee for a 2-year contract after 7 years. They even hired a collection agency who called me up at work in an attempt to embarrass me.

I told that bill collector to either sue me and get this all of this out into the open or get out of my life. I never heard from them again.

Often if you stand up to these corporate bullies they will back down. These low-lifes use intimidation tactics because they work most of the time. They are a quick and dirty way to get money out of people.

Unfortunately many will pay the extortion just to get rid of them whether they owe the bill or not. This never solves the problem because once they know you can be intimidated and will pay a "bribe" they will come back again and again for more.

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