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Sunday, October 17, 2010

It has begun

You laughed at "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes." But yesterday, in our own back yard, we found this:

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I didn’t know tomatoes were capable of self-pollination?

Strange . . . My browser's net-nanny software just started blocking Jack's site . . .

Congratulations, Jack. It's a boy!

Uh, Jack, it's good that you're growing vegetables but let's go over this one more time: They're supposed to be organic - not orgasmic.

I immediately thought bowel movement.

Don't let Creepy see it.

A friend of mine has a nice garden. He has a variety of peppers called “penis peppers”, anyway that’s what he says. They look exactly like penises. So apparently your tomato is not unique in the vegetable world. If you took the peppers and your tomato you could make Sam Adams Salsa, only to be served to very young men.

When's the bris? Need a Mohel?

And Abe wins the prize for best comment.

Congratulations Jack! It's a boy!

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