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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Instant karma for the Pitbull of Infill

Remember Randall Palazzo, the Portland infill developer who reportedly used to infuriate the neighbors where he built? Quite the charmer. "Randy Leonard said I could do whatever I wanted on my property" -- that guy. For a while he was on TV hawking his products -- they're "green," don'tcha know -- but apparently quite a few subcontractors complained that he was more than a little slow paying bills.

Well, now he's bankrupt. And the people who dealt with him and his company will be joining the neighbors in his fan club.

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Bought one of his homse last November. I'm a bit weary now.

In the clip, Pallazo poses a question: "Why would you buy an old home when you can buy a new, vintage reproduction home...."

Green washing at it's finest. That is a moronic statement. The idea of sustainable, green building is to reuse existing materials, including "old homes" whenever possible. This kind of crappy, green- pimping cheapens the concept to the point of deserving ridicule by skeptics.

Green, shmeen. My friend had a perfectly good "old" house on NE 35th Ave off Ainsworth that Palazzo bought and rendered to splinters. (I guess he never heard of the ReBuilding Center.) On that lot now stands two of his nearly completed babies, no doubt selling for a tad more than the $300k he paid. Infill is one thing. Wanton waste quite another.

HAHAHA.."GREEN WASHING AT ITS FINEST" What a perfect description..

The truth is Randall Palazzo is a con-artist swindling people, claiming to be a builder when the truth is he had this scheme planned all along even before starting this short building run. It was his direct intention planned by his group of masterminds not to pay all those contractors from the beginning! This is not another story of a “Builder gone Bankrupt due to Economy”! He is a schemer you have been warned! For instance JUST NOW, right before filing for Bankruptcy he opened 2 NEW Companies! This is how he makes his living folks by stealing from honest & hard working people! He is no builder...the truth is he does not know the difference between a 2x4 and a 2x6.

Wait just a minute "John".

This is slander, libel, and defamation. I worked for this guy, and everything you say is the exact opposite. Actually, when they got behind on bills, the blood sucking Attorneys that represented the sub contractors saw this as an opportunity to generate fees, and he had to pay 3, 4 and sometimes 5x the amount of the invoice to clear a lien. This extra money that these Attorneys racked up was more than the subs are owed by 2x. The lien statute regarding Attorney fees on liens is a huge problem, and needs to be changed. If anyone is to blame it is the Attorneys that saw the liens popping up as a way to make money, and they did a great job sucking all of the money out of this company and Palazzo personally(which he did not HAVE TO do). Many of these Attorneys represented more than one sub, so they sucked the accounts dry to get paid, when they should have been protecting their other client's ability to get paid. Over 23 million paid to subs in 2 1/2 years, and less than 5% is owed. Over 2 million paid to Attorneys. What about all of the people that made money? Title Companies, Lenders, contractors, employees, City of Portland.....millions, when few were doing anything, he was working his ass off trying to produce, and take care of everyone.

Playing catch up is no fun, especially when it is made impossible to catch up. Then you factor in BS comments or articles that only serve to make it more difficult. Why WW or any other paper or blog would say or do anything that would hurt business in this economy is shameful. How does this help them continue. How does it help sell homes so they CAN pay bills?

Now we can add in the economy, prices declining faster than ever imagined, the City of Portland laying off 75% of their planners, causing a 4 month log jam, and everything else that goes along with the problems this economy is has to offer.

FYI, the new entity was filed AFTER BK filing, and is the absolute right of any post BK petitioner. Have you used your left brain to think that MAYBE, just MAYBE he would love to be able to pay bills, if people would back off on the slander? Otherwise, why not file BK in the business and start over? This is his right. Why be fighting constant uphill battle with all of the BS.

I can guarantee you that this guy is the hardest working 10 people you know. Ask anyone that works or has worked for him.

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