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Saturday, October 16, 2010

I can't tell you why

This week, Forbes ranked Oregon sixth best state in the country for business and careers. So why doesn't business want to locate here, resulting in an acute shortage of careers?

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No one takes Forbes seriously since Malcomb Forbes died. His son is a lightweight and the editorial staff is composed of a bunch of trust fund baby idiots.

I miss Liz Taylor.

agree w/ john about Forbes. that dude is just a psycho now. i'm not really a michael moore fan but he featured Forbes in one of his early movies fairly briefly about him not blinking. pretty funny.

Steve Forbes is a classic case of a rich kid getting pampered to the point of thinking he's more special than he really is. At least Merritt Paulson never ran for President.
I tagged him on the way out of the first campaign with, "he said he just wants to spend more time with his servants."

No jobs, no good business schools, two Fortune 500 companies, incompetent incumbents. Sounds like a good Forbes business climate. Where do I subscribe?

  1. Small population.
  2. Hundreds of miles from large population centers.
  3. Narrow, undiversified business sector.

I don't think the passage of Measures 66 & 67 helped the Oregon "business climate" much.

Actually, I figured if raising taxes on the "rich" moved us from #10 on the Forbes list last year to #6 this year then raising them again would move us all the way to #1.

Business does NOT placate, locate, or relocate anywhere, since there is NO business, since customer-people have NO money. Which Dumbo Dubya's dictators mainly aggravated (an already weakened condition) with trillion$ in needless LIARS' war spending.

Or whatever. The business bankruptcy is federal-caused more than state-caused. Oregon ain't doing too bad, (especially considering the absence of military bases in Oregon only, through which military spending crutches props up other states' economies), and most places outside Oregon have it worse. Or maybe not: So go there and leave Oregon in its misery. Instead of incessant unhelpful carping.

Say, how about some creative thinking for new revenue !!
1. Tax pot.
2. Tax religion-based tax-exempt hideouts.

Either the intern they tasked to write this story is not up to par or the "Labor Supply" category was given a heavy weighting. After all where else can you find so many over educated people fighting for minimum wage jobs?

1. Tax pot.

Well now, that wouldn't be very "progressive". How many pot-smoking millionaires do you know of?

MJ - Perhaps taxing "coke" too would take care of the millionaire crowd... just sayin'

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