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Monday, October 25, 2010

Here's Waldo

This one's a howler. We got another "election porn" mailer over the weekend from the "voter-owned" people -- you know, the ones pushing the Portland ballot measure whereby the taxpayers get to pay for local politicians' election campaigns. One of their selling points is that they've got all the bugs ironed out now -- no room for mistakes like that awful Emilie Boyles fiasco.

We were amused to see that the flyer actually sports on its cover a middle-aged white guy -- an endangered species when it comes to campaign literature in Portland:

Slight problem: According to the Secretary of State, the gentleman in the photo is registered to vote in Newberg:

And if he's living in Portland now, it's a recent move. His employer's spring 2008 newsletter informs us:

Oh, well. At least they tried to find a middle-aged white guy from Portland who'd pose for this.

Comments (18)

Nice typo in his quote too.

Kind of like Bob Stacey criticizing Tom Hughes for being beholden by big companies when he fails to mention his largest campaign contributor lives in rural Yamhill County (seems like Yamhill County has a lot of money to offer to Portland area campaigns) and then there's the Sierra Club, hardly an in-state organization.

Welcome to Amateur Hour.

It amazes me how no one does their homework and it starts with the voters believing something because it appears in print. So much for critical thinking skills.

The real howler - That they'd actually be truthful when they want something like this passed.

Unbelievable. It really is amateur hour.

This election flyer is dishonest.

But he works in Portland, right? So he has a stake in the decisions made by elected officials here. That's like calling foul on a business owner in the district endorsing a legislative candidate because the owner LIVES (and votes) in another district.

Erik It's the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club. Yes, it's a local organization.

But the guy drives a PT Cruiser and is willing to shill for junk mail. nuff said.

So he has a stake in the decisions made by elected officials here.

If he doesn't pay taxes here or vote here, why should he be telling us how to vote?

I got some work done on an old car at Tom Dwyer. Great place, great service.

How many miles does he drive to and from work and is that sustainable?

PJB, I've heard good things about their service, too.

Jack, I'd make some defense about how his payroll tax goes to this and that, blah blah blah, but it really just doesn't seem to matter much anymore, does it?

I do wish we could get money out of elections, but this aint it.

City of Portland payroll tax? News to me.

Please stop with the @. This isn't Twitter.

Is it a typo, "not should be"? Maybe he talks that way, or the graphic artist does.

Portland Metro payroll tax? Shouldn't be news to you. Why the outrage about him living outside the city but you don't draw the distinction between him living outside the payroll-tax-zone?

Tri-Met has a payroll tax. The Tri-Met payroll tax does not go toward "voter-owed" elections. The money comes out of the City of Portland general fund.

Please come back with something coherent. I'm not going to argue with you any more unless you start making sense.

So you went to the trouble of tracking down his birthdate to look him up in My Vote?


the trouble of tracking down his birthdate

Two clicks -- you just look him up on Facebook, and there's "I just turned 50."

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