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Friday, October 29, 2010

Have a great weekend

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Nice...thanks for that.

One of my favorite clips...Bev's a doll.

Flashback! Never before recognized the transition from folk to pop-rock in this song. The song has so much late 50's early 60's folk to it.

Unbelievable song and performance! That 12-string Rickenbacker is awesome.

(The reason your ass gets moving is the kicking backbeat provided by a nearly invisible brother that apparently didn't count as one of the "we's".)

Nobody really knows if there's a heaven or not, or what the criteria is for getting in. But in my world, if you contribute one recording of a song - just one - as good as the one they're performing live here, then you, the entire band, the engineers, the producer, the roadies...everyone involved goes to heaven.

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