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Sunday, October 17, 2010

'Dogs to go, with everything

The players have spoken in our pro football underdog pool, and here's whom they like this week:

10 DETROIT at New York Giants - Bob, Bad Brad
8 ST. LOUIS vs. San Diego - Flowers by Dorcas Husband, Broadway Joe, Michael K., pdxmick
6.5 SEATTLE at Chicago - Gary, Andy
6.5 OAKLAND at San Francisco - Ricardo, Paul, Anthony, Matt, Larry Legend, Doug
4.5 TAMPA BAY vs. New Orleans - Conrad, Umpire, genop's gal
4.5 KANSAS CITY at Houston - Flowers by Dorcas, Jim, AKevin, genop
4 MIAMI at Green Bay - Biggest Cubs Loser, john dull, Eric
3 ATLANTA at Philadelphia - Annie, Gordon
3 DENVER vs. New York Jets - Hank
2.5 BALTIMORE at New England - Mike G., Nick
1.5 DALLAS at Minnesota - PJB

And here's Lola's pick -- going for two in a row:

Comments (5)

Have you no loyalty, Jack? This is the first time you've gone against Lola with your pick in the other pool! (Is Lola a Longhorns fan?)

Cleveland is just too far downfield for me. I'll probably regret this.

Is that sound I hear Lola crying?

Maybe next week we'll give her brother Billy a shot.

Man ...28 seconds away from a nice little pick up. On top of watching my Bears lose and others picking up points on that misery ... Oof.

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