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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do you hear that noise?

Yeah, that one off in the distance. It sounds a little like a warning siren.

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Sam Adams here. You might remember me from Swinging in Sweden or Bioswale Bi Time.

I'm on top of everything here. I just greased up my zipper, filled my flask, and am heading over to Denmark (that's where the Dutch are, right?).

Don't worry, if something pulls me away, one of my crack staff of 20-somethings will step right up.


Your Mayor

That's a Dive siren.

This is just another "How low will you go?" ploy similar to Delta at PDX. Do wind power suppliers ever expect a profit selling in a free cpmpetitive market?

You can just see their HR offices suddenly bombarded for corporate Request To Transfer forms. Remember those "new jobs" created by the Vestas office move to Pearl District? They will be (drum roll) pre-filled mostly by these 3,000 downsized souls who are now forced/willing to move to Cascadia. Since they'll be buying up lots of the unsold Pearl condos in the process it can't be all bad. Heads up to real estate agents.

I basically said all of this when the deal was being discussed. Not only is it corporate vaporware, the net benefit to the environment and local economy willl be almost nothing. In fact, it's likely to be a liability.

Logic: good one!
You're probably right, and CoP is probably already subsidizing the operation if not helping them move, though they probably have to prove they ride one of those nifty Dutch bicycles to qualify for the assistance.

But we do have a Tram :)

But :(


PORT ST. LUCIE — The Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute of Florida has begun construction on its 100,000-square-foot biomedical research facility at the Tradition Center for Innovation in Port St. Lucie.

The biotech firm's new three-story campus, which is slated to be finished in 2012, will house scientists working on such infectious disease threats as AIDS and Dengue fever, and will focus more on human clinical trials than its parent campus at Oregon Health & Science University. The design, building, permitting and equipment costs for the facility come to $48.8 million, a spokesman said

"The company will close down several factories, mostly in Denmark, where its costs are highest."

Those Dutch people, off shoring their factories to foreign locations like The Pearl, in third world countries who have exploitable (unemployed) labor pools, and vast, cheap uninhabited (condo) housing.

Dutch people ?



With the locals east of the cascades in both WA and OR organizing, the future of windmills is under siege. The noise pollution, visual pollution, harmonic pollution, wildlife infringement, bird infringement, bat infringement, the proliferation of windmills will substantial decrease. They'll soon find a species that is endangered, and it will be like the dams and tree cutting. Cease.

I'm not suprised, windpower is dying out in Europe as they figure out it really isn't sustainable. They have a couple years living off the taxpayers dime here in the good 'ol USofA, then people will wake up here to how bad of an idea it really is. Heck, China shutting down rare earth elements shipments to the US might kill it faster then that since they are needed for the magnets.

Reminds me of the "workforce training" bribes that Freightliner received from CoP and the State before they moved most of their production to their non-union factories and Mexico.

Or the way OHSU fleeced sammy boy right before they signed up for the Florida Biotech venture.

You'd think they would get tired of being publicly humilated. Oh well: it's other people's money.

"the net benefit to the environment and local economy willl be almost nothing"

Unless you're a Gerding-Edlen employee. That $30M is being funneled straight to him for tenant improvement for Vestas for G-E's building.

Re: Windmills...

I've never heard anyone even mention the environmental impact mega windfarms might have downstream when they extract all that kinetic energy from moving air patterns.

“I've never heard anyone even mention the environmental impact mega windfarms might have downstream when they extract all that kinetic energy from moving air patterns.” Actually it has about the same effect as peeing in the ocean. The poles won't melt because of this.

jc, I have posted a few times with that kinetic energy concern of windfarms. I've even posted that with extensive windmills providing even 25% of all energy we need that possible it would affect the spinning speed of our planet affecting global climate. It is not anymore far fetched than Gore's cap and trade where other third world countries will fill the void of energy consumption as others abate theirs.

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