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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Did Tiernan help or hurt Dudley last night?

Bob Tiernan, the head of the Oregon Republican Party, showed up on Portland TV last night right after Obama's speech for Kitzhaber. It was a little like the juggler who had to follow the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, and he seemed like a grouchy old guy saying "Get off my lawn." Would the Dudley camp have done better if they had had Dudley himself hooked up to speak? Or a young fresh fellow like Scott Bruun? Tiernan just came across as really, really old school. It was almost enough to make me hold my nose and vote for Kitzhaber.


I'm still thinking about writing in myself. I still can't bring myself to vote for this guy.

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I saw Bob Tiernan on TV too, and I thought it was a huge mistake. He seemed nervous like a demented meth addict with his beady eyes darting around: "Its good for us that Obama's here, no, really, it's great, if Obama brings out the vote, that's wonderful, it'll help us, we like that, having Obama here is terrific. I wish he'd come back every day. Did you say it hurt? Who said it hurt? This doesn't hurt. Sticks and stones may break my bones but Obama can't hurt me. Wait, who are you calling a dope? Well, guess what? You're a double dope. There, right back at you. No, wait, you're a dope times infinity..."
I thought he looked like that scene where the attendants from the insane asylum run in halfway through and say, "There he is. Catch him", and the chase resumes.

How does it help Dudley to have the President of the United States fly in and go live on three local betworks as he fills your opponent's coffers for the stretch run? If it did help just let it be. Having this wired-up old dingbat trying to make the case just seemed counterproductive.
The best thing locally for the GOP last night was the Giants-Phillies game on FOX.

None of the above is the only sane option.

Betworks? Speaking of a demented old dingbat, how did I miss that?

The folks that showed up for the rally were already motivated Democrats. Any who would put up with the traffic and lines to see the President surely will fill out their ballots. Will that translate into bigger Democratic turn out? I doubt it. As an ex Democrat I turned it off about half way through the speech. I didn't see Tiernan at the end as I was doing something else. Will Dudley win? I sure hope so. It might depend on a lot of Democrats not voting for governor, or perhaps there will be a ground swell of motivated Republicans sending in their ballots. If I were the Democrats I wouldn't want to depend on the hipster vote though. Most of them have moved another couch or two and certainly haven't re registered. Jack, I appreciate the fact that you won’t be voting for Kitzhaber. I hope a lot of Democrats follow your lead. I hope they all vote for you.

I am a life long demo, but will be holding my nose and voting for Dudley. No more incumbents past or present.

The other evening I was so honored to have a personal visit from a Dr. John K. campaign worker, I mean to say face to face election porn. After her well rehearsed speech, she asked if I thought I'd be voting for the Doc. "Nope" was my reply, then asked "why not." I just stated "'cause he had his chance and pretty much screwed us over" Her comeback was interesting, "well he had some personal problems at that time, divorce was a biggie in his life, but he's a much better person now"

What a resounding supporting statement by HIS campaign staff.

Phil that is the funniest thing I have heard all month. We had an amateur campaign worker come to my door too. The canvasser touted Kitzhaber’s job creation plan. I asked her if going into debt for a hundred million dollars to replace light bulbs and windows is a good idea. The person said that the program would pay for itself in savings. I gave up after that and slammed the door.

At this point I'm voting None of the Above, but Jack Bogdanski is a close second. He seems to have a better understanding of how much (or little) money we have to provide essential and basic government services.

Kitz said at the debate Oregon gov't has already cut as deep as it is going to under him. Now on his TV ad he claims Dud wants to increase spending without increasing taxes. Put two and two together and Kitz plans to increase spending and taxes in Oregon.

Folks, the state can't tax it's way out of this mess. If Kitz get in you can already see where he is going. So vote for Dud or Jack but not Kitz.

-Jack, as a middle of the road R (rino I guess) I really do hope you decide to run one day. You got my vote.

Traditional republicans just have no traction in this state. They have to find moderates and unconventional republicans, or they're doomed.

I already voted for the Dudster. There was a headline in the Oregonian opinion section today. Something to the effect of "change is now less risky than the status quo". That's exactly how I feel about it. Oregon has been on decline since my childhood here. Staying on this course, with the same group of people, doing the same stuff, is now the MOST risky option.

None of that matters.

The only way Oregon and the Portland region will cut loose from grip of the Sam Adams et al status quo is by Jack Bogdanski and other moderate Democrats and Independents voting for Dudley.


There is no alternative.

So hold your nose and vote for Chris Dudley and AT LEAST give us a chance at breaking loose.

This democrat voted for the Dud as well. If elected, Kitz will be the death-nail to Oregon business and private sector prosperity...but a huge win for public employees and Milwaukie Light Rail.

It wasn't easy to vote for Chris Dudley, but I know in my gut that it is the right decision for Oregon.

To me, Dudley just seems like an amateurish George W. Bush, but without the threats to foreign policy. Would all you Dudley supporters vote for George W. Bush as our governor?

Or maybe someone can explain how Dudley's approach to taxes, regulation, privatization is different than W's.

Talk about status quo. I could do without bringing the federal priorities and policies which failed so dramatically over the last decade down to our state government.

In similar situations, many people have voted for Ralph Nader, with well-characterized results.

Hey Joey, what do you expect Kitz to do that hasn't been done over the previous 4 terms of Kulongoski and, or course, Kitz himself?

That is a sincere question. What do you expect him to do?


Nice Kitz camapaign BS.

There's not a shred of legitimacy to your attempt to mislead voters by trying to get them to believe there's a connection between Oregon-Governor Dudley and anything Bush.

There't not a segment of Oregon policy making and governance that does not desperately need a full house cleaning.

ANYONE supporting Kitzhabers is against anything that disrupts the status quo that Kulongoski is stil defending today.

Hmmm...I ask a simple question and get accused of spreading "BS".

Yet neither Ben nor Snards - both professed Dudley voters - even made an attempt to answer the question.

So again, can somebody explain how Dudley's approach to taxes, regulation, privatization is different than W's.

It might help the undecided voters make up their minds.

Dudley mainly wants to cut the capital gains tax to encourage investment. While most voters don't pay much attention to the CGT, investors and business owners definitely do. We have one of the highest state cap gains taxes, and Washington has none. It makes a difference.

Cutting taxes will mean cutting spending as well.

These are standard right-of-center positions for countless politicians, so attributing them to GW Bush is disingenuous. Calling them standard GOP positions is fair.

Y'notice how nobody is an actual Republican anymore? They're all people who used to be Democrats, or are Democrats who're crossing party lines this time aroound.

That's a pretty badly damaged brand you've got there.


Spot on analysis of Governor Retread in 2002. I was thrilled when Allen Alley decided to run. Bright mind, smart policies, new blood. He is going to be one of Dudley's braintrust members.

I cannot believe ANYONE in this state is satisfied with the status quo. As Dudley stated. "We are living in the future that Kitz created."

And while I'm on this rant, would it have killed Kitzhaber to wear grown up pants when the president comes to town.

Dudley definitely, definitely should have been making the televised rebuttal in the wake of Obama's visit. You have to associate yourself up and, as Palin demonstrates every day, it works even if you're heaping abuse up. The absent candidate shows either poor judgment or poor planning, but it was definitely a blown opportunity. Oregon Republicans need a spotlight-hungry critic of Obama, not a sneak who burns his own house down and gripes about waitresses.

"And while I'm on this rant, would it have killed Kitzhaber to wear grown up pants when the president comes to town."

Exactly. I know Oregon likes to be casual, and we like to "Keep Portland Weird", and all that...but what kind of yokel wears jeans to meet the president?

It costs millions and inconveniences thousands to bring this guy in to stump for you and you're going to wear Wranglers?

i think both candidates suck. you don't go from zero to governor with zero new ideas like Duds is trying and you don't go from the "wilderness" like Kitz has been for 8 years and think it will be all better. with a Dem house and senate in the state, dudley could be a slight stop gap but the man has a bunch of damn nails in his head so to think he'd be better than Kitz would be silly and hell, i live in washington.

Roger: Actually Roger, I am a registered Republican. And this state is so blatantly corrupt; that in the Primary Elections, some *sshole UNION US Postal worker took it upon themself to not forward my mail-in ballot - but did so for my Democrat neighbor.

wear Wranglers?

So that's the best you guys have? Fabric choice?

goosh guys you sound like bitter ol white Guys... We get it that you dislike Kitz , and want to ridicule anyone who does like him , or his choice of pants , you still have time to critique his breath mint opinions... But my gooddd you want to turn the state over to a tall guy who has never held a real job , weee , smells weak.

Don't worry Allan, we're just poking fun at him a bit. This is Oregon (home of the self destructive voter), and Kitz will get elected again -- we all know that, so let us have our fun.

You, and all the rest of the public employees can relax Nov. 3 knowing the the PERS trough will not be in jeopardy.

I'm neither Demo nor GOP and I certainly won't vote for Dudley. He's nothing but a tall dolt in a suit.

I'd say 'Check for the mechanism that operates his lips'...in other words, his donor list.

As much as I'm unimpressed with Kitz, at least he knows what he's talking about, pays attention to Oregon issues, and votes. Dudley the Dolt doesn't. I'd bet my bottom dollar he's on the dole of the Koch brothers; he's nothing but a Tea Partier.

And that capital gains BS...like that has ever stimulated any economy. It's Bush BS: Toxic.

And this state is so blatantly corrupt; that in the Primary Elections, some *sshole UNION US Postal worker took it upon themself to not forward my mail-in ballot - but did so for my Democrat neighbor.

Actually Dave, as an *sshole union Postal worker, I am laughing at your ignorance. The USPS is federal not state operation, and I fail to see your connection there, unless you are implying that the DNC called the Postmaster General, who checked in with Kulongoski, to issue special orders on whose ballots to delay. A few points:

1.) Where on the envelope does it say "Republican" ballot?
2.) All ballots aren't forwardable, and the *sshole Union letter carrier doesn't forward them, they are placed into a separate holdout and sent as a bunch back to the county. It says on the back of the envelope "Please Return If Voter Is No Longer At This Address.
3.) Did you not realize you were moving? Did you not re register with your new address, if the vote is so important to you?

Sorry Dave, as a conservative, you should be taking care of yourself, and not lying around waiting for some government flunkie to take care of your business.

Oh, and Dave, I'm a Republican. Not as much as I was, but I am.

If you want to vote, and you moved,you need to advise the county. If the neighbor got his, someone broke the rules, or someone is lying, or a mistake was made.

The P.O. charges the county for Return Service, and does not like losing revenue. It may have a ton of problems, but a lot of good people work there, and if I want to read insults, I'll go to Newsmax or some b.s. like that.

PD, a job in the public sector or a PERS claim is not a prerequisite to good judgment.

I wound up writing-in "Harry Potter," my family's tabby (named for his crooked tail, reminiscent of the protagonist's infamous lightening scar).

At least Harry is adept at catching and gobbling spiders, which is more than I can say for Kitzhaber or Dudley.

Roy: Sorry to burst your little government bubble, but I did send a change of address weeks beforemoving and most of my mail other than the ballot materials were sent to my new address. And somehow the kid that lived at the end of my cull-de-sac got his forwarded to his address in Eugene. FACT!
And no Roy - you're not a Republican - just another know-it-all UNION *sshole!

I voted a straight Democratic slate when i moved here in 1990. I registered Republican after the Florida Debacle (despite some ambivalence about candidate Bush II, and hating Bush I) because I thought Gore's post election conduct was anti-democratic: he should have conceded to facilitate a non-judicial outcome, but he chose to litigate instead.

This year, I only voted for one Democrat (and it wasn't Kitz). Quoting Charleton Heston: "I didn't change, the Democratic Party changed."

Dave A - if it weren't for unions, the minimum wage you're making as a Walmart greeter would be a lot less.

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