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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Celebrate good times, come on!

At next week's couplet party, you're invited to take "a self-guided walk or bike tour" of East Burnside and NE Couch Streets.

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Hard to believe they trust us to be able to guide ourselves!

...food, entertainment and information booths will be provided.

What ever happened to a few dignitaries clumsily cutting a big red ribbon, posing for a quick picture for the local newpaper,and then getting on with their work day?

Couldn't I just go give myself a "self-guided" tour right now?

If this means that Burnside will finally start moving again, at least that's a positive. Of course, they'll probably choose this time to start a bunch more work on MLK and Grand where they cross Burnside/Couch.

"By the way, if you're on your self-guided walk or bike tour, and you see some criminal activity, could you make a citizen's arrest? Thanks. Stupid projects like this couplet have left us a little short on basic services."

Wear kevlar and bright colored clothes overtop. Don't get hit by a bus. Don't give that David guy from "Welches" any money. Ask Adams what he's going to do with his goofy life after he's no longer Mayor. Ask Blumenauer how many times he took the Oregon bar exam.

Hmm . . . citizen's arrest + David from "Welches" . . . if the CoP cops won't do anything about him, perhaps we can go Gomer Pyle on his rear?

I've yet to go through the couplet yet . . . but by all appearances, it just seems like a colossally dumb idea aimed at promulgating more TIF/ToD/Streetcar/linchpinny crap. And spending tax money to "celebrate" raises the stupidity level even more. How much longer do we have until Tram Scam Sam's term is up?

Six years, unless he self-destructs first.

In a self-congratulatory orgy of backslapping, autoerotic stimulation seems like the most apropos form of celebration.

Are you with me?

Are they planning to even the grade of the road where the streetcar willl cross Burnside? I almost lost a couple of fillings driving over the tracks the other day.

I forget. Why do we all hate this couplet, again? Is it the money? Is it the affect on traffic? Because, I tend to think that expanding the sidewalks on Burnside and making it a more walkable street is a positive for Portland. But then I'm one of those commies who doesn't own a car.

If it's about the money, I can get behind that. But if it's just about changing the street, I think I'm for it.

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