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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Better (and more correct) living through urban planning

This has success written all over it, doesn't it?

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Please pass me a barf bucket.

I love it. Planning Speak 101. If you are not in the loop, they will "loop you in". Isn't that special?

Man, that’s a big-ass butterfly in the graphic! Is that like MOTHRA or what??


Even the *fruit and vegetables* are lined up in neat, square boxes--and there's almost nobody walking. Wouldn't it be nice if humanity were square shaped?

ecohuman ... don't give the planners ideas, they'll be contacting genetic engineers

100 people came from all over to blow smoke up each others butts. Who knows how far they came? How sustainable and green is that? Did they all ride their bikes or come by public transit? Haven’t they head of “Net Meeting”?

Those braindead folks don't even know the real meaning of 'sustainable'.

Bicycles are not sustainable.

Buses are not sustainable.

Urban agglomerations are not sustainable.

Industrial society is not sustainable.

I highly recommend everybody read Derrick Jensen's What We Leave Behind for realistic definitions of 'sustainability' and enlightened opinions on things like 'eco-districts'. I'm betting he'd trash them just like he trashes gardens on rooftops of truck factories and other silly crap passing as 'sustainable actions'.

"Sustainability at the neighborhood level?" Eh? That's somehow different from "sustainability" at some other level?

Yes, the whole thing reeks of self-righteousness.

Couldn't we just hold one umbrella Super Conference each year that includes all the smug know-it-all professions at once?

Do it in the coldness of January, when we could all benefit from the gigantic cloud of hot air which would settle in over the city for the duration.

I'm entirely with Godfry on this one.

There's a settlement being built in our midst, people.

Worst of all, it sucks the wind out of efforts to implement truly beneficial changes city-wide.

Probably it will just greenwash more public subsidies for private development, though. Plus ça change....

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