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Saturday, September 11, 2010

You can't handle the truth

When the bars let out in downtown Portland, it's a good time to get the heck out of there. Here's the latest closing time gang fight, with at least one man shot, last night. But ya gotta love the headline in the O:

The gunplay wasn't "downtown" -- it was "in SW Portland." Uh huh.

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And it was in NW Oregon which as we all know is a real hot spot.

Q: When do "two groups of men" become two gangs?

A: When they cross the Burnside Bridge into NE Portland.

I've noticed TV news doing that on crime stories as well. I never thought it worth complaining about, but it is a bit annoying, and if I were in charge of such things I'd take the directionals off all street names inside the hub (defined by I-5/I-405) or at least those south of Burnside. Downtown is not Southwest Portland.

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