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Monday, September 27, 2010

What if Portland city workers go out on strike?

Would that be a kick in the pants, or what? It could be the triggering event for the inevitable self-destruction of the mayor, among other things. But don't get your hopes up for too much drama. Keep in mind that two of the city's five commissioners are former public employee union heads. They may put on a big show, but don't expect old loyalties to fall by the wayside.

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I would actually love to see this, assuming it doesn't include the police.

"Oh no! The Bureau of Expensive Sustainability Bullcrap is shut down! What ever shall we do?!"

But the Council will just reduce the union's cost of living increase from 5% to 4% this year and call it a victory. The missing 1% will be added to their retirement package, cuz hey, we'll just pay that in "the future."

Reduce managerial level cost of living increases from 10% or more to negative.

Better yet, terminate half of them, beginning with Zari Santner and anybody she hired.

"Keep in mind that two of the city's five commissioners are former public employee union heads."

Who's the other besides Randy? I can only think Amanda, but I thought that was a nurses union?

Interesting - as of today, no one that I know of has been informed about the "request holiday vacation now" requirement. It certainly hasn't been broadcast to City employees at large, or within the bureau in which I work.

Also - we have yet to receive, and probably will not receive a COLA for this fiscal year. I believe that has been bargained in most of the contracts, and I believe that also applies to managers. Managers can receive a step increase, of 4.1%, as can represented employees who are not at the top of their class.

As a former, now retired, City employee I can only say to the current employees, "Hey guys, we cut us the Fat Hog."

The compensation package offered to City employees includes: good wages, health insurance, a fully paid pension via PERS & access to a self-paid 457 retirement plan. The secret that is never spoken of is the 457 plan. One can place up to $16,500 per year into this plan and deduct it from your income when calculating your taxable income. If you are over 50 you can increase this deduction by $5,500 to a total of $22,000. The biggest secret regarding the 457 plan is that you can retire and access it without penalty at any age. Thus you don’t have to wait until you are 59½.

Yeh, that'll be great. No fire, police, building permits, etc. I don't wish for this. Neither do I wish for a meteor collision, major earthquake, or other nasty apocalyptic outcomes.

No meter maids, oh excuse me, parking attendants.

To a couple of people above this- This possible strike would NOT include police officers and fire fighters as they are not part of the union referred to in the article. Plus, police officers and fire fighters can't legally strike anyways.

I think this union is the one many transportation workers are under. Hope it doesn't snow if they strike. Lol

Gee - what if they had a strike and noone really missed any of them?

"No fire, police, building permits, etc."

Fire/police can't go on strike and this union doesn't cover BDS.

Not that it matters, the union will lean on Randy who will pull out those photos fo Sam and remind him which way he should go on negotiations.

"No fire, police, building permits"

One more thing, building permits = income, CoP would never let that stop flowing, just like the parking attendants.

I thought that was a nurses union

At OHSU. Which is a public institution, at least when they want your tax dollars.

Steve, building permit fees do not go into CoP's general fund. It stays within the bureau. Sorry, it won't help put a crimp into Portland's unsustainable government where it needs to be injected.

I hope there is a strike. The state employees are finding out that the public isn't missing them much on their 11 fridays off. If CoP employees strike there will be many bureaus not missed. Go for it!

My BDS husband is pretty sure the strike will affect him. Just to be safe, today he asked for, and was approved for, vacation time in December.

Seems to me that if BDS is shut down, construction in the city would grind to a halt since permits couldn't be issued and inspections wouldn't get made.

Best response for a snowstorm is "sit tight for 2 days". Then it will be gone.

construction in the city would grind
to a halt

What construction?

Wait no BDS, no permits, that means the developer weasels would be on ice for awhile... please, please just strike.

Am I the only one who sees a similar comparison to how the mortality rate at hospitals goes down when the doctors go on strike?

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