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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trib site flagged as malicious

Our Firefox browser is currently warning us that the Portland Tribune website is an "attack site," and that it's dangerous to go there. This has been going on since at least yesterday. Have any other readers out there encountered the same roadblock?

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I got the same warning yesterday.

I got the same warning on a similarly reputable/innocuous website yesterday, not the Trib. It is a site I visit daily, and never got a warning before yesterday.

I got the warning, but when I click on the link again (I have it bookmarked) I get in with no warning. Same with navigating to a community version of the Trib. I would click on the link on the main Trib site, get the warning, click again - no warning.



Thanks for your courteous heads-up call and web posting.

Last night, we discovered this problem, which was related to a submitted advertisement on our website. We have corrected this problem and submitted the needed documentation to Google and other web browsers. Apparently, that fix or relief may take a few hours to process.

Steve Clark
President and Publisher
The Portland Tribune and Community Newspapers

Thanks, Steve. I figured it was an advertising issue.

BTW, keep holding the Tri-Met managers' feet to the fire!

Yesterday, I went to the site, and my virus blocked some porn file.

Yes and on Onemarinesview.com also. I use chrome. and Norton Security.

Happened to me on several news sites today. Each time a news reader was flagged.

Yep, Camino gives the same warning.

If you're using Firefox, install the AdBlock Plus and NoScript extensions to rid yourself of the flotsam of web ads and potentially malicious javascripts.

After installing them, take a moment and read up on how to use them.

This will reduce one of the easier vecors the malicious ads and scripts use to get into a Windows system (Never Use IE if you can avoid it, it is a large target and is riddled security holes)

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