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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The century mark

Today we received the 100th press release of the year from the office of Oregon Attorney General John Kroger. He's now on pace for 133 for the year.

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Yeah, and there is more government transparency as a result. Not!

How many of those press releases relate to public corruption in Portland? How many Ponzi schemes were prosecuted? Were any of them related to real estate fraud? How about parents neglecting/abusing their children?

Nevermind. That was snarky. I feel safer everytime the counter turns over.

Thanks, A.G. Kroger. Truly.

And Kate hits 50 on the same day.


100 for Kroger - is that a Krogerand (new Oregon currency)?

What was the subject of the 100th press release?

On the 29th, the O's Brent Hunsberger noted, with regard to the irregularities that have surfaced regarding at least 56,000 mortgages allegedly held by JPM Chase:

"After GMAC's announcement, attorneys general in California and Connecticut told the company to stop foreclosures in their states until it proves it's complying with state law. The Ohio attorney general this week asked judges to review GMAC foreclosure cases. And in Florida, the state attorney general is investigating four law firms, two with ties to GMAC, for allegedly providing fraudulent documents in foreclosure cases.

Kate Medema, spokeswoman for Oregon Attorney General John Kroger, said today via e-mail: 'Our Mortgage Fraud Task Force is aware of improper signing issues related to foreclosures.' She did not elaborate."

Has AG Kroger mentioned that his office has taken any specific actions that might defend Oregon mortgagors from the predatory practices of several banks and of JPM Chase in particular?

"AG Kroger announces $442 million global agreement with Novartis." Illegal marketing of drugs, and kickbacks. Other states and the feds also involved. Oregon's share of the settlement: $520K.

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