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Monday, September 6, 2010

Sold, American

We've got a feeling of accomplishment at the hacienda today -- we held another successful yard sale yesterday. I say "we" -- the Mrs. does all the actual setup, selling, and strikedown, and the serious task of prepping for the day, while I handle the signs on the street, run the music (gotta have good music to do retail), change $20 bills, keep the crew fed, and do a little entertaining of the young 'uns during the six hours when customers are around.

Even on the holiday weekend, the traffic to our sale was impressive. Among the stuff that went down the driveway were a bunch of my pants that I haven't worn in years for one reason or another. I couldn't believe it. The kids got some school supplies money, and we all gained some storage space in various corners of the house. Next up are stops at the consignment store and Goodwill, and then another year of the tradition will be officially in the books.

Our children have been pretty good about letting go of their stuff -- more so than I. I found myself feeling a little blue as I surveyed our goods out on the hanging rack and the tables. "We're selling the Furby game? That's it for the flowered jacket? And the fuzzy brown hoodie with the hearts on it?" Yeah, Dad.

Then there are the neighborhood signs, which we've used over and over for almost a decade. A few years ago, we had to patch over where they said "Babies." This year "Tots" was replaced by "Bikes." ("Kids" was already there.) The year that "Teens" goes up, some of the sale items may have a tear stain or two.

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Re: "Then there are the neighborhood signs, which we've used over and over for almost a decade."

Providing an example of social responsibility for yard sale vendors throughout the city.

The year that "teens" goes up, you can forget about having to entertain the young'uns during the yard sale. They won't be anywhere near the house on that day.

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