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Friday, September 24, 2010

Sale of Portland Beavers not a done deal

It appears that the transaction may hinge on getting the taxpaying public in a San Diego suburb to put up a bunch of money to build a new baseball stadium. Linchpin City, baby! Good luck with that.

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It's like The Music Man! Blow into town with a team, get the locals to leverage your modest investment in a new stadium, then with profits in hand move on to the next town. It should keep working as long as people like sports.

These are not ordinary times. Given how bad off California government is, this may not sell. Paulson couldn't get his stadium built in Petaluma, and it's not at all clear that the San Diego area really wants a third pro baseball team.

I love the way every step of this comes with its own little screw-up. It's like watching a favorite sit-com where you can't wait for the next episode.

My favorite shot from last week's show, was the ground-breaking ceremony at PGE Park complete with our little rich kid shoveling in his new customized sandbox. Hilarious. Plus he had his pretend buddies there that the nanny rounded up. They did look happy, all smiling with their hardhats and shovels, and their form was terrific.

All these months of shoveling BS are finally starting to pay off.

If the Beavers are "stuck in Portland" next season, I wonder where they will play?

The Music Man comparison is apt. Paulson is looking for a deal that will make him money off some city or suburb's coffers, and people aren't buying. It's really unfortunate for Portland's Beaver baseball fans that the team is leaving, but Paulson's rough road finding takers in Beaverton, Clackamas, Lents, Vancouver and now San Diego's suburbs may be indicative of the public knowing better. Can't somebody just build the Beavers some cheap bleachers for 1,000 people and be done with it? They might even sell out.

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