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Monday, September 20, 2010

Qwest: three times the pest

And they all arrived at the same time!

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"You may never leave the house again".

Looks like Qwest is in bed with the real estate developers. Heck,we won't even need light rail!

I do tech support for small businesses and home users, and I've seen a disturbing trend lately at Qwest. I think the upcoming acquisition of Qwest by Centurylink, has Qwest pushing hard to generate a bunch of new business on the books so they look good. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be pushing nearly so hard to deliver all that new service. Every job I've worked on over the last several months involving Qwest has gone sideways, usually due to Qwest people not talking to each other or sales people over-selling their product. They're oversaturating their DSL circuits, switching business customers to services they don't need, or selling different services as "upgrades" with no real improvement. Getting technical support is like pulling teeth and I'm still trying to figure out if the last tech support person I spoke with was an idiot, intentionally obtuse, or was simply lying to me. I even have a sneaking suspicion that someone's fiddled with the DSL speed test on their website to hide bad results.

I've always considered Qwest to be the lesser of two evils for home internet -- Comcast and I have a fairly contentious history, but I'm beginning to re-evaluate that belief.

I've been a Clear customer for almost a year (and then that contract's up and I' absolutely through with them!), and they still send me junk mail about every other week addressed to "Dear Neighbor" trying to sell me their service.

You know, the service I already have.

It's hard to find a local paper/mailing/circular that isn't peppered with some obnoxious QWEST promotion piece.

It's gotten to the point that it reminds me of back (in the previous century) when AOL [aka AmericaOnline] had free promo computer disks everywhere. I finally decided to save 'em and use them as coasters under coffee cups!

As for the Qwest promos, they ALL get recycled immediately, and I am already a Qwest customer ala home phone, internet, and cell (although Qwest "jobbed" their cell lines out to Verizon).

The old verbal slams were:
Qwest is Qworst
The Qwest brand motto is "The Spirit of Service," to which the response is "How about some real service and not just the spirit of service?"

___ora et labora___


If I hadn't been so adamant about choking off all junk mail I'd have enjoyed that third one -- she's definitely got that Helen Hunt in her prime thing going on, and I have the hots for Helen Hunt.

I wonder how graphic junk mail is going to have to get to pull enough response to justify the cost -- or will it simply pull down the companies that continue to attempt to get customers by harassing them?

Hello Steph here from Qwest,

I'm sorry to hear about the multiple mailings you've received, I can request no additional marketing mailers sent to you. Please feel free to email me at talktous@qwest.com, if you are not a current Qwest customer please include your:

2)mailing address

If you are a Qwest customer please send your:

1) your billing phone number
2) your billing address

Thank you

Stephanie Lake
Manager, Talk To Qwest Team

"At Qwest your account information is confidential and protected by law, so I need your permission to access the account.”

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